Money Can’t Buy What Superfans Bring To Your Interior Design Business

Episode #073 the Wingnut Social Podcast


A superfan is exactly what it sounds like – a person who truly loves the things you do, whatever that might be. They comment on your social media posts. They share your stuff with others, they even reach out to you directly from time to time via DM or email or whatever.

This episode is about handling superfans the right way because when you do, they provide something you can’t buy.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:55] What are superfans and why do you need them?
  • [4:30] The simple (but not easy) way of attracting superfans
  • [7:50] A simple example of a missed opportunity to create superfans
  • [8:59] One of the best social media superfan builders out there (MoonPie)
  • [11:30] Pay attention to the details of your engagement with people

Resources & People Mentioned

Simply taking the time to respond to people could create superfans

We’ve all been there – charging through a busy day and spinning all the plates when a random email from a random person pops up in our email inbox. It’s long. Really long. And the message raves about your last blog post or social media image or latest design portfolio. It might even ask very specific questions you don’t feel you have time to answer.

Don’t ghost that person. Don’t hit “delete.” You need to respond to them – not necessarily right at that moment, but you have GOT to get back to it soon. Why? Because that person is telling you that they are a superfan of your work. That means their influence on your behalf could be HUGE. 

Listen to learn how to make the most out of interactions with superfans once you hit the “reply” button on that email.

Superfans are born from treating people like they deserve to be treated

Yes, a good relationship with a superfan could benefit you and your business. But that’s the secondary issue. Uppermost in importance is that those people used their precious time to correspond with you, and they are people worth caring about.

They are not a bother, or irritation, or inconvenience. They are human beings who deserve your attention and care. How you respond to them is a reflection of your character, which is the thing they care about most, even more than the great work you do.

In this episode, Darla and Natalie give a handful of examples of the quality relationships they have been able to build with superfans in just the past few years, and how those relationships in and of themselves have become very satisfying – even if they never lead that person to do business with them at all. Listen to hear how the superfan thing works – and how you can make the most of it relationally and for your design business.

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