Meta Is Shutting Down Facebook Creator Studio: Facebook Updates 2023 | Mini News

Episode #320 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Did you know Meta is shutting down Facebook Creator Studio? This sounds like a big deal, however, not to worry – all those features will be moved into Meta Business Suite. Emily is here to walk us through the latest Facebook updates and how the new Meta Business Suite will have increased functionality to manage your Facebook and Instagram business accounts.


Meta is shutting down Facebook Creator Studio. This sounds like a big deal, however, not to worry – all those features will be moved into Meta Business Suite. Facebook Creator Studio is Facebook’s built-in tool that lets you create and schedule Facebook and Instagram content for your business profiles. You can manage your page content; track posts, insights, and analytics; manage your inbox like your comments and DMs – all in one place via Facebook Creator Studio. So why would Meta get rid of this tool? They are taking all of these features and putting them into the Meta Business Suite, which is formerly known as Facebook Business Manager, which is a tool with backend access to your pages and settings as well as your ads manager and more.

What’s the point of getting rid of Facebook Creator Studio? Meta wants to streamline things and have everything in one spot. You used to have to visit a specific url to access the creator studio, but now you just have to go to to access Meta Business Suite. Meta states, “We’re actively working to bring Meta’s creator tools together in one place. You can access all of your content and data when you switch. After trying the new creator experience in Meta Business Suite, you can switch back to Creator Studio.” In terms of functionalities, it seems that Meta Business Suite may have more to offer. You’ll be able to see your notifications for Facebook and Instagram; your messages and comments; plus you’ll be able to create, schedule, and post stories, reels, and more. It’ll also be easier to utilize the ads manager.


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