Making the Most of Your Pinterest Strategy with Michelle Wintersteen

Episode #003 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Wingnut Social – Ep. 03 – Michelle Wintersteen

Joining Darla and Natalie on today’s show is Michelle Wintersteen, founder of MKW Graphics in San Diego, Ca. Michelle created the company in 2014 while attending The University of San Diego, where she earned two degrees, Visual Arts and Art History.

One thing that makes Michelle the envy of many entrepreneurs is that she often runs her company remotely, as she is passionate about traveling. Because of Michelle’s creative eye, she’s often inspired to use items in her design she discovered while traveling in nearly 40 countries…with many more to come! MKW has helped hundreds of small business owners (in San Diego and beyond) create visually compelling yet marketing-minded brands.

You will want to savor every second of this conversation that focuses on how   business owners can benefit from using Pinterest.

Show highlights:

Michelle’s digital nomad-ing

How can you utilize Pinterest as an interior designer?

Should I get a Pinterest business account, or use my private account?

Pinterest is a search engine that can be used as a marketing platform.

Make sure you know optimize your wording on Pinterest so that you become noticed.

Pinterest loves evergreen content, so how can I use that to my advantage?

Think about putting yourself on Pinterest as a creator rather commenting on others’ content.

Using vertical formatted images, ie. 9×16 ratio on Pinterest

Create thumbnails for the cover board on Pinterest with consistency to your brand.

Creativity of titles on pins to get people to go to your blog or website

Effectively using hashtags on Pinterest, which is a relatively new feature

Using keywords and hashtags simultaneously

How many pins should I create for my blog?

Colors, graphics, photos, and designs should be used in a savvy way.

Effective pinning to so that users are directed to where you want them

Using color strategy in branding

Using Tailwind pinning scheduler

Monitor analytics and use them effectively for your marketing strategy.

If you are too busy to do your own social media marketing, reach out to Darla, Natalie, and the expert team at Wingnut Social.

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