Live Stream or Pre-Recorded Video: What is a Designer to Do?

Episode #113 the Wingnut Social Podcast

In this episode of Wingnut Social, they’ll dissect the pros and cons of pre-recorded video vs. going live on Instagram. They’ll finally answer your burning question: which one is better? Don’t miss the answer—listen now!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:35] Darla’s upcoming speaking gig!
  • [2:45] Live video vs. pre-recorded video
  • [4:20] The pros of each option
  • [10:00] The cons of each option
  • [12:15] The long-awaited official answer
  • [15:07] It’s one important thing you HAVE to do

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Live Stream or Pre-Recorded Video: the Pros + Cons

The pros + cons of going live on Instagram: Going live is meant to be engaging. It allows you to interact with viewers, say hello, and answer questions in real-time. Darla equates it to more of a party format—lighthearted and fun. It’s also inexpensive and can be done on the fly with little-to-no planning. 

Unfortunately, unless you save the video to your highlights immediately after recording, it will fade away after 24 hours. Gone. You also can’t edit the recording. If you’re like Darla and have a deer-in-the-headlights moment, it’s there for all to see (maybe that’s one you DON’T save to your highlights…). 

The pros + cons of pre-recorded video: If you’re recording a video in advance it doesn’t matter how many times you screw up. You can stop it, re-record a section, and move on. It is far more forgiving. It also allows you to research, create an outline or script, and flesh out your thoughts. Darla especially enjoys the ability to add stickers or links when you upload it to Instagram. 

The list of cons is pretty short for recorded videos. They can be more time-consuming because of the amount of prep work that goes into them—which could be a plus as well. The biggest downside they see is the lack of personal connection. There’s no interaction with your viewers when you pre-record. The videos also tend to be shorter and to-the-point.

The answer you’ve been waiting for

So what is the long-awaited answer from the Grand-High Poobah of all things Wingnut? 

BOTH. Yes, you read that right. Darla says you need to do both

The two types of videos complement each other! They make a nice juicy whole for marketing your brand. It allows you to give your viewers a well-rounded experience. Darla and Natalie agree that it’s something important that you must muster up the courage to do. 

To become comfortable with both platforms—you need to practice. Plop yourself down in front of that camera and get comfortable recording in advance. Stop and go as needed and give yourself some grace and space to master the sometimes uncomfortable platform. 

You can also practice going live on Instagram (or platform of your choice). Ask friends to watch and interact with you so you can get used to answering questions and engaging with your audience. If you hate it you can immediately delete it and move on. 

According to Darla, “All is fair in love and video”. So start recording!

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