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Do you struggle to reach goals? No matter how many vision boards you create or how you shift your mindset, you’re always falling short? Maybe you’re doing things all wrong. In this episode of Wingnut Social, Adele Spraggon shares how to recognize brain patterns and what you can do to deconstruct and rewire them. Her process can transform your brain and help you achieve what you never thought possible!

Adele Spraggon is an award-winning author, thought-leader, international speaker, and trainer. She was awarded the 2020 Women of Inspiration Award and was recognized as a top behavioral expert in 2021. Her book, “Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment,” has won three awards and is sweeping the globe, transforming how people are setting and achieving their goals. 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [3:28] Mini news sesh: How the Instagram Reels algorithm works
  • [8:40] Learn more about brain pattern expert Adele Spraggon
  • [14:46] What a brain pattern is and how it impacts you
  • [21:18] Does the brain develop patterns based on past experiences? 
  • [25:24] Check out Build Lane at https://buildlane.com/
  • [26:54] The steps to take to change your brain patterns
  • [33:12] Why shifting to “positive thinking” isn’t the answer
  • [38:56] We continue the conversation on Wingnut Premium!
  • [39:13] It’s time for the What up Wingnut round
  • [40:19] Rerouting neural pathways with psychedelics
  • [44:00] Blooper Reel!

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What made Adele quit her first three businesses? 

After 15 years in the personal development industry, Adele realized that traditional mindset methods didn’t work. She did all of the right things, yet started and quit three different businesses. So she decided to learn more about the human brain. Adele went back to school and got a master’s degree in humanities. When she learned how the brain works, she realized where the disconnect was. 

We think that what our brain “sees” is perfectly aligned with the external situation. But your brain creates its reality from the external situation.She had to learn how to re-pattern the part of her brain that led her to quit repeatedly. She developed a new set of operating instructions. Everything changed.

In Adele’s case, she discovered that her brain pattern was people-pleasing. So anytime she thought she upset someone, she ran in the opposite direction. But how do you recognize your brain pattern? Start by learning what a brain pattern is. 

What is a brain pattern?

A brain pattern is a combination of three factors: a physical sensation, an emotion, and a thought. When these three things come together, they result in a particular action, behavior, or belief. The brain is like an iceberg. Above the water is everything you do, think, or say is above the water. Under the water is the brain pattern that gives rise to your actions.

When Adele started a business, her initial brain pattern was one of excitement. But her brain perceived the world as being displeased with her idea. That triggered another pattern, one of discomfort, anxiousness, and panic. Her action was to quit. Her brain was warring over two different patterns. They were neural pathways in her brain that she needed to identify. 

Does your brain develop patterns based on past experiences? 

Adele notes that human beings are not born with instincts like many animals are. From the moment a baby enters the world, they must piece together brain patterns to take action. Every situation causes a reaction in the brain which causes it to create a neural pathway (i.e. a brain pattern). Once that pathway is created, your brain prefers to use that channel. Until you recognize and remove that brain pattern, your brain will default to it.

But the beautiful thing is that brains are plastic, they’re malleable. Adele notes that in the last 20–25 years, there has been an explosion of research in the field of neuroscience. We used to think that the brain was hardwired when we reached adulthood. The truth is that you can quickly re-pattern the brain because it is designed to keep rewiring itself—you just need to know how to work it. 

The steps to take to change your brain patterns

How do you give your brain new operating instructions? Adele advises that if something is preventing you from moving forward, you need to ask “What am I feeling? Where am I feeling that? What is my one thought?” In Adele’s case, she felt anxiety in her stomach. Her thought was “I have to quit.” That is a pattern. Her next step is to own it as a pattern. She just had to acknowledge, “I created a pattern in my brain that is now feeling and doing this.” Then you must deconstruct the pattern and replace it with something else. But you can only create the new pattern once you remove the old one.

So what does the process look like? Why is positive thinking more harmful than helpful? Listen to the whole episode to learn more about rewiring your brain’s patterns. And to learn more about recreating your brain patterns by listening to your right brain, check out the extended interview at Wingnut Premium

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