Lauren Brown’s Wins, Losses, and Lessons Learned

Episode #213 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Lauren Brown launched her design business at age 65—right before the Coronavirus reared its ugly head. In this episode of Wingnut Social, Lauren shares what she had to do to pivot, the marketing that she’s found success with, and what you should and shouldn’t do. Ready to learn from her years of experience? Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:32] Upcoming content on Wingnut Premium!
  • [4:41] Mini news sesh: Clubhouse on Android?
  • [7:56] All about Lauren Brown
  • [10:08] Launching and immediately pivoting
  • [12:14] The wins and the losses
  • [15:23] Gaining traction with marketing
  • [23:53] The services that Lauren offers
  • [30:25] Why Lauren decided it was time to hire
  • [40:42] The What Up Wingnut! Round
  • [44:18] How to learn more about Lauren Brown
  • [46:59] Check out the blooper reel!

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The wins, the losses, and the lessons learned

Lauren was approached to publish an article in a magazine. Then she did some ads in the magazine. Before she knew it, it had snowballed to ad after ad in multiple magazines. She went to her CPA and realized she spent a lot of money she shouldn’t have—but she just didn’t know.

She advertised on social media the organic way and was featured in some local publications. She decided to go with an old-fashioned billboard—which paid off in a big way. Contractors called, builders called, and clients called. It was targeting the local market and staying top-of-mind.

Lauren was intimidated by social media but didn’t reach out to Darla or anyone else. She also tried building a DIY website. She quickly learned that if you aren’t an expert in any of these areas, you should hire an expert. A better website leads to more people on your page and a lower bounce rate. A bad website can become an easy “no” for a potential client. If your website doesn’t look good, how can your design be good?

Designer by your side

Lauren will do a consultation with potential clients to determine what they’re looking for. She offers a “designer by your side” package for those doing projects on their own but want a little professional advice. She offers a “concept-to-completion” service for someone building a home. She also offers a “furniture mart concierge” package where she takes a client to Furniture Mart and helps them choose the right pieces for their home.

They’ve all been successful services, but she gets the most revenue from her concept-to-completion service for new home builds. She works directly with two different builders who pay her a percentage to work with their clients. Lauren has learned she wants to concentrate on doing full-service projects—or she’ll run herself ragged.

When did Lauren decide it was time to hire? What position did she hire for? And why did she decide to keep a showroom despite the pandemic? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

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