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How do you sell effectively during a pandemic? How do you remain sensitive—but also keep your business afloat? How do you sell effectively in any differing market conditions? If you want to become EPIC at sales, Laura Wright shares some actionable tips and strategies to improve your effectiveness in this episode of Wingnut Social.

Laura Wright is a master coach and the founder of EPIC At Sales. She helps her clients increase close rates—and their incomes. She has made a name for herself as the go-to ‘Sales Ninja’ for women in service-based businesses. Laura is also the author of No Woman Down: 51 Laws to Create Your EPIC Income Riseto teach women how to master the art of selling.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [3:22] Laura Wright’s background in the industry
  • [4:15] Why Laura is qualified to talk on sales
  • [6:36] Why nothing should change in your sales process
  • [9:22] Learn to be like toilet paper
  • [14:00] How to make your close rate 90% or higher
  • [18:12] It’s time to properly price your services
  • [21:13] How do you close a sale with love?
  • [22:40] How to pursue leads you haven’t closed
  • [25:46] Laura’s book: No Woman Down
  • [28:15] People will pay what you charge
  • [29:26] What up Wingnut! Round
  • [32:03] How to connect with Laura
  • [25:23] Blooper Reel!

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Sell effectively by making your business like toilet paper

Laura has done next to nothing different with her business since the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Her business has been thriving. Her client’s businesses are thriving. While everyone else felt the ripple of the pandemic and started pivoting, she maintained and stayed strong. She notes that “When you understand your core values, you don’t actually change with the wind.” The only thing she did differently? She gave extra love and support to her clients.

How do you build a business model where you don’t have to pivot when the economy shifts? Laura says you need to learn to be like toilet paper. Yes, that’s right—toilet paper. Why? The moment the Coronavirus became widespread and quarantines were mandated, everyone ran out and bought toilet paper. You need to describe your services so that they’re so clear. People need to know where to find you and understand what your purpose is. You need to make yourself a critical service—just like toilet paper. When you effectively do that, people can’t help but purchase your work in good AND bad times.

How do you explain and portray your services as a critical need? How do you show up so that people can see you, find you, and understand how to work with you? There is always a way to adapt to sell services virtually in every industry. How can you repurpose and repackage your knowledge so that consumers can use it? The ladies discuss how interior designers can do this in detail—so keep listening.

Make your close rate 90%—or higher

Darla was once told that she should raise her rates because her close rate was 55%. That she should shoot for a higher rate at a lower close %. But Laura recommends the opposite. In fact, her close rate is pretty close to 100%. How? Simple: Don’t look for sales calls that won’t close. You want to get fewer calls at a HIGH close rate—like 90%. How do you make that happen? Laura shares the TWO things she recommends:

  1. Know your ideal client. When you know your ideal client, it becomes a gut feeling and split-second realization that they will either buy or pass.
  2. Prepare and pre-qualify. By the time you speak to someone, they should be ready to buy.

So you need to begin to ask yourself some questions: How are you pre-qualifying and preparing your customers to be ready to purchase before a consultation or sales call? What do you need to know about a buyer to pre-qualify them before you talk to them? What do you need to tell them to prepare them to be qualified to buy?

Laura walks through some examples, shares how she would implement pricing, and talks about how to help a buyer understand the value proposition. Better follow along!

Close a sale with LOVE

Laura likes to say “You need to close a sall with love.” What in the world does that mean? Laura believes in creating a win-win-win scenario. Working with someone should feel amazing. If you sell something to someone and you know a couple doesn’t agree on the sale, but you push it anyways—it’s going to hurt their marriage. That’s not selling with love. That is conversion and persuasion.

Laura emphasizes the necessity that the other party should benefit as much as you do and together, everyone wins. You’re helping people feel fully empowered with self-expression. You’re helping people feel lifted up by their environment. When they feel fantastic, they’re going to go into the world and do good things. You’re selling the feeling people get from the service.

Listen to the rest of the episode to hear how Laura follows-up with potential leads and shares about her new book. Don’t miss this one!

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