Kate Doster’s Attention-Grabbing Email Marketing Strategies

Episode #241 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Is email marketing still relevant? How do you grow and nurture your email list? How important are lead magnets? These are just a few of the many topics Kate Doster covers in this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast. If you’re struggling to build email campaigns that convert, Kate is the go-to expert. Don’t miss her take! 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:24] Mini News Sesh: Facebook Update
  • [3:40] Learn all about Kate Doster
  • [4:44] Is email marketing still relevant? 
  • [7:18] How to compose a “Yeah, but…” email
  • [12:54] The lowdown on email lists
  • [17:33] How to attract the right subscribers
  • [20:27] Why you should work with Wingnut Social
  • [21:31] The importance of lead magnets
  • [26:13] How to grow and nurture your email list
  • [29:24] How often to use a call-to-action
  • [31:51] How the Apple iOS update impacts email
  • [33:41] The What Up Wingnut Round
  • [36:16] How to connect with Kate Doster
  • [40:12] Blooper Reel!

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Your emails need to grab someone’s attention

Why is someone going to their inbox? They’re bored, procrastinating, stuck watching their kids boring tv shows—who knows. But Kate knows that people go to their inbox for a hit of dopamine. Because you’re shooting for a dopamine hit, you want to give them a quick tip or anecdote. When people go to their inbox, they want a quick escape. 

People think emails need to be a large elaborate story. It doesn’t need to be that. But you do want to make sure your emails are relevant. If someone signs up for Kate’s email list, they get emails about email marketing and sales psychology. If she started talking about her fitness journey to her subscribers, people wouldn’t care. They’d unsubscribe.

That being said, you can give them a random piece of information that’s tied back to your topic. You must be entertaining and stay true to your brand. You have to treat your subscribers like they’re one in a million, send relevant emails, and include the hit of dopamine. How can I make this person feel good today? How can I make them interested? How can I get them thinking? Start with an attention grabber.

Kate’s secret sauce: The “Yeah, but…” email

You want to give your subscribers something that answers the, “Yeah, but…” question. Yeah, I want this, but this is in the way. People always have “yeah, buts…” You have to identify what’s holding people back from making a decision. You can then share simple guides that give them the answer to their questions and leave them saying, “She gets me. She understands.” 

If someone is truly interested in getting their living room redesigned but can never agree on something with their spouse, you can share a guide that touches on how to mesh two different styles. Think of something that’s holding people back. Listen to hear what Kate’s specific tips for interior designers are!

The importance of lead magnets

If you have an interior design blog and want to share some dupes for a crazy expensive couch, that could be a lead magnet. You want to share an exclusive thing that people can only get if they join your email list. It can be hard to brainstorm ideas, so Kate shares some genius hacks. 

If you have a popular and relevant piece of content, upcycle it. If something on social media got a lot of engagement, can you turn it into a PDF? You can use that in an email. It doesn’t have to be reinventing the wheel. Create permanent versions of things that are excelling and offer that as your freebie.

Another pro tip? List out all of the excuses and concerns that people have around what you’re ultimately going to sell. Is it working with an interior designer? Is it sourcing? Is it doing something on a budget? Is it finding high-end dupes? If you aren’t sure, look at 2 and 3-star reviews on Amazon or snoop around in Facebook groups. What are people complaining about? When you address the “Yeah, but…” that someone has, it works. It all comes from knowing your ideal client. You want someone to say, “How did you know that’s what I needed?” 

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