Is Instagram Releasing a ”Repost” Feature? | Mini News

Episode #288 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Can you repost someone else’s pictures and videos on Instagram? Darla is joined by Abby Coots, Social Media Manager at Wingnut Social, to discuss Instagram’s upcoming repost feature that will allow you to share content from other accounts, similar to a retweet.


Instagram is testing a repost feature. What does this mean?

Have you ever wanted to repost someone else’s Instagram pictures or videos? You probably had to download an app (like Repost: For Instagram), search for the content again, and then when you finally posted it, there was a huge watermark on the picture. Well, this may no longer be a necessary process, as Instagram is currently testing a repost feature that will function similarly to retweets on Twitter!

Why should I care about Instagram’s new repost feature? What are the pros and cons?

For interior designers, this feature can be extremely helpful for your social media presence! Allowing others to share your content with the proper tags and crediting can lead to more brand awareness. What if you don’t love the idea of your content being shared? Abby explains that, if and when this feature is released, it will be built into the app, so you won’t be able to opt out or deny others from reposting your content. Another possible issue is whether or not the high amount of reposting will be flooding users’ Instagram feeds.


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