Is Email Marketing Dying? Our Top 5 Tips to Keep Yours Alive

Episode #125 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Have you written off email marketing? Are you a social media junkie (so are we by the way) who’s decided that email is yesterday’s way of doing business? 

In spite of the deluge of social media apps on the market, communicating via email still works! But the rules of engagement have changed. This Monday Minisode sets the record straight on the effectiveness of emails, the dos, and don’ts of emailing and the best times to send them.  

What You’ll Hear on This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:50] Ask before you send.
  • [5:24] Personalize your emails and pay attention to subject lines.
  • [5:24] Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly.
  • [7:12] Check your email signature. 
  • [8:33] Try sending during off-hours.
  • [12:35] Blooper Reel

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Email marketing has ‘new’ rules of engagement

No one likes a spammer, but Europe really doesn’t like them. Did you know that in 2018 Europe implemented the General Data Protection Regulation to prevent commercial businesses from sending unsolicited emails? It’s that serious, Wingnuts.

The U.S. hasn’t gone that far yet, but when it comes to email marketing, steer clear of being spammy. If the inbox owner didn’t give you the A-OK, don’t press that send button, period. Instead of sending spammy emails, develop a systematic way of collecting email addresses – with explicit permission. Besides, it’s insurance against whatever is coming down the pipeline.

When sending emails, best practices include:

  • Get permission
  • Start with a great subject line
  • Use emojis
  • Personalize the email
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Use https:// to avoid the spam folder

Timing your emails

Once you’ve got all of your permissions in place, it’s time to consider sending times. When is the best time to send your email? What day of the week is ideal?

Back in the day, Tuesday was the best day to send out emails. But things are a-changing. Testing is the new Tuesday!

Experiment with different days of the week. Sending emails during off-hours has a way of creating success stories. In fact, we landed an AH-mazing client by uncharacteristically sending out our email on a Sunday. Toot-toot!

Go easy on the GIFs, videos and pics

GIFs may be all fun and games, but they ultimately increase your email’s load time. So yes add them, but don’t go overboard! Emojis and videos work the same way. A few are good; too many are a no-no! You want those emails opened, not deleted, right?

Emails are just one more tool in your toolbox for getting your brand in front of the right client. But best practices are key. So tune in to this episode and you’ll be optimizing your emails and your leads in no time!

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