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Did you know that you CAN get to the end of your Instagram feed? Darla and Natalie have never scrolled to the end of their 48-hour Insta-recaps, but if you do, something new awaits: suggested posts

This new phenomenon replaces the notice that you’d normally get that says “You’re all caught up!” So why did Instagram give their feed an update? How does it impact YOU? Find out in this week’s Wingnut Social Monday Marketing Minisode.

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Instagram’s before & after

The reigning theory is that Instagram originally implemented the “end of the feed” messages to help users improve their digital well-being and limit screen time. But their newest biggest competitor—*cough* TikTok *cough*—already uses a continuous feed and it’s part of what’s made them SO successful. So Instagram is implementing this new strategy to compete.

Instagram will now suggest new posts—based on what you already engage with—that will allow you to expand your horizons. They could be ads, photos, or videos—but they will NOT suggest IGTV teasers or Reels content. 

How Instagram’s suggested posts feed feature can impact YOU

What stands out to Natalie? You cannot hide these posts. You cannot escape. But you’ll only see suggested posts if you’ve exhausted the content posted by everyone you follow. So if you follow thousands of people, you’ll likely never see the end of that yellow-brick road. 

However, this will impact new users with relatively small feeds. It’s a great way to increase your discoverability. This allows Instagram to increase its ad space as well. So the chances of your ad showing up in someone’s feed is pretty good. If you’re boosting a post and targeting people—here comes Darla Powell Interiors! 

So what content should you post? Will it positively impact analytics and increase your followers? Listen to this minisode for all the deets!

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