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Episode #155 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Right now there are a lot of unknowns and unanswered questions. However, with the 70% increase in Instagram Live views since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, these new opportunities can’t be passed up. Listen to this Monday Marketing Minisode to learn more!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:38] How to monetize your Instagram
  • [1:30] Wingnut Social Webinar coming up!
  • [2:58] Instagram’s slow roll-out of Live ‘Badges’
  • [6:47] Doubling down on IGTV and launching ads
  • [9:42] What are the video qualifications for an ad?
  • [10:37] WHY designers should embrace monetization
  • [13:53] Check out this week’s Blooper Reel!

Resources & People Mentioned

  • Register for the Wingnut Social Webinar!
  • Instagram’s new features to support creators
  • Apply for badges in Live: FORM

What are Instagram Live ‘Badges’?

Firstly, ‘Badges’ are NOT the same thing as ‘Verified Badges’, which are the little check marks you’ll see next to a verified celebrity, for example. A Live Badge will appear as a small heart (or multiple hearts, depending on what you purchase) next to your name.

Live Badges will be available for followers to purchase during a live stream to help support their favorite creators. It’s a simple way to generate revenue—while being 100% optional for your followers. It’s currently being beta-tested, so stay tuned for a widespread launch.

To apply for early access, go to this Instagram page.

Instagram strengthens its investment in IGTV with new ‘ads’ feature

Instagram will now be allowing revenue on IGTV through the use of ads. Currently, they’ve chosen a select group of 200 creators to beta test the feature. When you click to watch an IGTV video you’ll be presented with a 15-second mobile-friendly ad.

While not confirmed, it’s being speculated that creators will see 55% of the ad revenue, with the other 45% going to Instagram. Darla and Natalie point out that it’s also unknown who will qualify for ads, though you’ll likely need to have 10,000+ followers and a verified account.

They do know that for a video to qualify, it needs to be at least two minutes in length, it must be all-new content, and you MUST use the preview option in your Instagram feed. You need to commit to creating original and valuable content on IGTV consistently to monetize your account.

If you have a large following and some seriously good content, it’s an easy option to monetize your videos. Plus, Darla and Natalie point out that diversifying your revenue stream is important for the longevity of your business. What are your thoughts? Let them know!

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