Instagram Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections: New Instagram Updates 2023 | Mini News

Episode #318 the Wingnut Social Podcast

What are the latest Instagram updates in 2023? Social Media Manager Abby is here to share some exciting new features coming to Instagram this year, including Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections. Tune in to see how you can take advantage of these new features as an interior designer and business owner.


Last year, Instagram’s main goal was transparency, which was demonstrated through insight updates and peeling the curtain back on the algorithm. This year, one of their biggest initiatives is connection: connecting people to things they love, and connecting them to one another. They are testing some new updates, including group profiles. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Group profiles are a place where you can have multiple users post to it. What will this look like? When you’re logged into an account that has access to a group profile, whenever you go to share any type of content (stories, reels, or feed posts), you’ll have the option to share it to your personal profile or to share it to the group profile…or both! Think of it as Facebook groups, but on Instagram. This could change a lot for social media agencies in particular as it won’t require you to log in to all of your clients accounts but rather simply have access via a group profile. It will also be great for teams that have a social media account and have multiple posters without risking a security breach.

Another update coming to Instagram in 2023 is Collaborative Collections. Collections can be found in your saved photos on Instagram and are great for staying organized. Let’s say you have 10 kitchen pictures saved, and 1 bathroom picture, but you don’t want them all mixed up. You can create separate folders, or collections, for different spaces. Previously, these collections have been private to individual users. These collections will now be able to be collaborative shared and added to by other users. For interior designers, this will be great because you can share these collections with other team members. Think of it as a Pinterest board or a mood board. You can use collaborative collections to save your ideas and share them with one another.


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