Instagram Comes Clean: 5 Myths BUSTED

Episode #119 the Wingnut Social Podcast

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:35] Natalie’s rainbow work skivvies
  • [2:03] It’s time to busy some myths
  • [3:06] Photos versus videos: which one is better?
  • [4:40] How often do they change the algorithm?
  • [5:54] Will Pods get you to appear higher in the feed?
  • [7:32] Does a comment need to be more than 6 words to be counted?
  • [8:38] Do likes/comments in the 1st 30 minutes rank you higher?
  • [9:50] What you need to focus on
  • [10:33] RESA being moved to April and location TBD

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5 Instagram myths BUSTED 

1. Photos versus videos: which one is better?

Guess what? According to Instagram, they are ranked on the feed equally! However, the caveat is that your feed is based on your activity and preferences. If you interact with more videos, you’ll see more videos on your feed. Darla shares another trick that may sway you one way or another—be sure to listen!

2. How often does Instagram change their algorithm?

Drumroll…All the time. The Instagram algorithm uses artificial intelligence (AI) and claims feed rankings are constantly adapting and changing. 

3. Does being part of a pod get you featured higher in the feed? 

In the short-term, you may see positive changes. However, Instagram WILL spot engagement that isn’t authentic and adjust accordingly. It’s just a matter of time. 

4. Does a comment need to be more than 6 words to be counted? 

There’s a rumor goin’ round… that a comment needs to be 6 words or longer to be counted in your algorithm. Instagram responded in their truly blunt fashion, simply saying that’s FALSE. They used lots of emojis in their answer, too. 

5. Are posts ranked higher if they get interaction in the first 30 minutes? 

Instagram again answered that this was false BUT based on Darla and Natalie’s personal experience, the faster you see engagement the better. You also need to respond quickly and interact with your fan-base. 

What is important in the long run?

In the end, Instagram’s cryptic answers don’t bother Darla and Natalie. After all, Instagram holding its cards close to their chest keeps the mystery alive. This alone sustains engagement because no one really knows the answers to all of Instagram’s secrets. 

So what’s the bottom line? Comments, likes, reshares, and views are HIGHLY important—along with a focus on creating stellar content. Continue to foster authentic engagement with followers. Follow these hard and fast tips and you’ll thrive on the platform. 

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