How Will Instagram Hiding Likes Impact Designers?

Episode #094 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Instagram started rolling this out in the US after testing it in other markets. In this minisode of Wingnut Social, Darla and Natalie go over the pros and cons, the impact on engagement rate, and even how it can affect mental health.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:35] Why Instagram is hiding like counts
  • [4:40] Banning features that promote changing yourself
  • [6:50] It can allow you to be more creative
  • [8:55] Are we going to shift towards tracking comments?
  • [9:40] What will some of the changes mean for designers?

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Why did Instagram move away from “likes”? 

Instagram desires to create a less pressurized environment where people feel comfortable. Tracking likes have been linked to increased anxiety, depression, loneliness, and the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Instagram claims it is making these changes to protect mental health, decrease bullying, etc. 

To further their efforts to create a safer space, they are also banning any filters that change facial filters. They’ll also be limiting ads that promote weight loss. The move can seem limiting to those who track their metrics, but perhaps they really are trying to create a better space.

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Designers can make the shift a positive change

Darla believes being overly focused on “likes” can hurt creativity, authenticity, and transparency. On a positive note, it forces you out of the box you’ve created. You don’t know what people like? No problem. It’s time to branch out and be creative with your content creation. 

Not only that, but you no longer have to see dwindling numbers of likes and feel discouraged.

You can still be an influencer in the space. It may be a little bit harder to track your ROI, but Instagram will still track your metrics and the algorithm is still in play. Perhaps a shift towards better mental health will have an overall positive impact. Only time will tell. But humans are adaptable—so be creative and embrace the change. 

Will people start focusing on tracking comments? Will engagement dwindle? What does the new “like-less” platform look like? Find out more in this episode of Wingnut Social!

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