How to Write Email Campaigns that DON’T Suck [with Abbi Perets]

Episode #206 the Wingnut Social Podcast

How many of you swipe and delete emails without giving them a second glance—but expect your mailing list to read yours? How do you write email sequences that don’t get immediately trashed? The founder of Successful Freelance Mom—and email sequence genius—Abbi Perets shares her secret sauce in this episode of Wingnut Social (HINT: It’s NOT about a killer subject line). 

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Abbi’s two rules for email campaigns

Before Abbi even thinks about open rates, she focuses on two key things:

  • Don’t lie—ever. Don’t say something is only for sale for two days if it’s always on sale. Don’t say a webinar expires if it doesn’t. Don’t send emails saying “We broke the internet.” everyone sees through it.
  • Embrace the golden rule. Treat people the way they want to be treated. Don’t send an email you wouldn’t want to receive. If you don’t want to look your kids in the eye and say “I sell snake oil for a living”—don’t. 

What makes people open an email? 

What do you look at first when you get an email? You don’t look at the subject line, you look at who the email is from. The subject line isn’t as important as your name. Abbi emphasizes that you want people to associate your name with value. So how do you create value?

The first email someone gets from you is usually because of a lead magnet. You’re sending them the thing that they asked for. So start your email by giving them what they asked for!

Then, set the stage for what’s coming. Let them know what the sequence will include—and what’s in it for them. How are you going to make their lives better? Videos aren’t the answer. Worksheets aren’t the answer. People want outcomes. Focus on the benefits, not the features. Always think: would I want to read this?

Another expert tip? Take the word “I” out and replace it with “you.” Instead of saying “I had the worst week. I lost two clients and I had the flu,” say “Did you ever have a week where you lost two clients and had the flu?” Now, suddenly, the reader is in the center of the story.

How else can you make it about the reader? How frequently should you send emails? Listen to learn more!

Create email campaigns with a purpose

When the internet was new—and people were still excited to get email—you signed up for newsletters, right? People don’t want that anymore. They want content that has a purpose. How do you do that? According to Abbi, you should start with the end in mind. Where are you taking someone at the end of a sequence? It doesn’t have to be about selling. Maybe you want to push them into a free Facebook group. 

What does Abbi do with subscribers who are new and may not be “ready” to dive into her weekly subscription? She sends them into her “hidden” or “big love” sequences. What are those? How does it change her email campaign game? Find out by listening to this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast!

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