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Episode #296 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Social media manager Lilah joins us to discuss how to schedule reels and posts on Instagram. Instagram has a new in-app feature that will allow you to schedule your reels and other posts. This is a great development, but is it the best option for you and your business? Watch this video and find out!

How to Schedule Reels and Posts on Instagram.Instagram is releasing an in-app scheduling feature! Scheduling your content is extremely important if you’re aiming to grow your business through Instagram. It allows you to save time by batching your content – you can upload your photo, add a caption and tags, and then schedule all your posts out. It will be a very simple feature, including just the date and time of scheduling, just like scheduling an email.

Despite this update, there are still many 3rd-party options for scheduling content on Instagram that offer more in-depth features (Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Later are other platforms that offer post scheduling). The benefit to using the Instagram scheduler is that it’s directly in app – it will be best for scheduling reels, especially if you want to add audio or music. However, unlike the 3rd-party platforms, Instagram currently will not offer competitor reports, hashtag analysis, best posting times, and other helpful tools.

What if I have multiple people logged into one Instagram account? Lilah suspects that not everyone will be able to see the scheduled posts, and that it will be specific to your phone. So if you are in a situation where you have someone approving posts to go out, this likely won’t be the best solution for you at this time.


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