How to Run Your Interior Design Business in an Economic Downturn

Episode #335 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Recessions can be terrifying for business owners. You may be wondering, how can I continue to run my business through an economic downturn? Do I have to lower my prices? Will I lose clients? Don’t fret – Austin-based interior designer Laura Pankonien is here to discuss how she successfully runs her design and construction firm during a recession, plus how she managed to start her business during the 2008 recession. Laura shares some “recession-proof” strategies to keep clients coming even with lowered budgets. Stay tuned!

Laura Pankonien is an Austin-based interior designer and founder of the design and construction firm The Pankonien Group (TPG). Through her 16 years in business, Laura has made a name for herself through her full-scale home projects as well as kitchen projects, becoming known as a go-to kitchen designer in the region. In 2022, Laura opened Austin’s first curated homewares store of its kind—Bleu by TPG—in Davenport Village. She has been featured in Southern Living, House Beautiful, BHG, and more.


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