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Courtney Pisarik is the founder and owner of Ink PR, which is a boutique public relations firm specializing in communications for interior designers and other home professionals. After a storied career in lifestyle and entertainment, she made the shift from the lifestyle industry to focus solely on interior design. She’s never been more focused, successful, and happy. Listen to hear her story!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:38] Miami is the #1 COVID hot spot
  • [3:59] Courtney Pisarik of INK PR Group
  • [6:04] What made Courtney focus on design professionals?
  • [7:56] The PR world has expanded exponentially 
  • [10:51] How the economic crisis is impacting the PR world
  • [13:43] Adapting to the changes the business has implemented 
  • [14:51] How have pitches must pivot to accommodate current reality
  • [17:29] Interior Designers: How to pivot your approach on a DIY level
  • [21:03] Virtual events and webinars: will they stick around?
  • [27:53] What up Wingnut! Round
  • [31:17] Supply is so limited right now
  • [35:44] Blooper Reel! 

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How to pivot your PR approach on a DIY level

Everyone is in the process of adapting. Courtney points out that her firm learned quickly that they had to pivot and pitch things that were relative to the news cycle. She emphasizes that you have to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world around you. Above all, she notes that you need to remember the power of human connection: “We’ve all learned our currency and our value is in our relationships with our friends and our media.” They are the #1 priority for Courtney and her team. 

With that in mind, how do you pivot your PR approach? How do you connect with editors and magazines on a different level to get your work out there? Courtney recommends taking the time to do some basic research. What does the magazine cover? What is their aesthetic? Learn about the editor—where do they live? Do they love dogs? Do they drink coffee? Take a minute to be a human being. How would you interact with them if you were introduced in person? Find a way to cultivate that connection. 

She points out that you can even review their social media channels and see what they’re passionate about. Take the time to read their previous writing or articles and reference them in your communication. It will change the conversation. At the end of the day, we are all human beings and want to be appreciated and recognized for what we do. PR teams are really salespeople. Courtney points out that they’re trying to sell the messaging and the imagery that we have. The fact of the matter is that you need to know your product and know your buyer. 

It’s time to include webinars and virtual events in your PR approach

How else do you need to pivot your PR approach? Do webinars and virtual events have a place when it comes to PR? Courtney agrees with Darla and Natale—virtual events are here to stay. Courtney’s firm is constantly producing programming for clients and brands and attending webinars herself. She’s doing Instagram takeovers, setting up panels, and even has some webinars in the works leading up to High Point. 

Courtney is working with a designer—Genevieve Trousdale—who will be launching an online portal resource for interior designers. They’ll be invited to share their resources to connect on a granular level and work as a team. Her firm has focused almost completely on webinars leading up to the launch. 

They’ve also been hosting a webinar series called “Save our Suppliers”. The goal was to connect designers desperate to shop with brands looking to get in front of designers. Makes get on the webinar and share their new products and when they can get it out. This was a great way to break down some doors during the pandemic. 

On top of everything already on Courtney’s plate, she’s also co-formed another webinar called ‘The Comm Collective’ with programming every week. They come together to discuss issues happening in the industry and take turns producing their own programs. They’ve invited editors from House Beautiful and Good Housekeeping to moderate the conversations. 

The long and short of it? Video, webinars, and all things virtual isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay. To hear all of Courtney’s ideas and recommendations for tailoring your PR approach, listen to the whole episode!

The Comm Collective hosts a webinar every Thursday at 4pm est and anyone is invited to join!

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