How to Master the Luxury Design Niche with Julia Molloy

Episode #086 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Julia is an expert with over two decades of experience and an extensive background in graphic design. She’s the founder of the BOLD Summit conference—and her business is luxury design. If you’re ready to position yourself as a luxury provider, Julia will help take you to the next level

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:45] The Business of Luxury Design with Julia Molloy
  • [5:25] What is the BOLD summitt?
  • [8:40] What to expect at the BOLD summit
  • [10:50] What role does social media play?
  • [15:50] The mindset of the luxury client has evolved
  • [20:55] Luxury and quality are promises kept
  • [23:55] The biggest obstacle designers are struggling with
  • [30:40] Is the middle-tier dying out?
  • [34:30] What up Wingnut!
  • [39:00] How to connect with Julia

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Social media is “street cred” for high-end designers

Too many coaches for high-end designers claim that luxury designers should be above social media. That it is too “lowbrow” for their status. But this is far from the truth. Julia says that it does play a different role, but it’s just as important

A luxury designer needs to view social media as a building block. 

Kelly Hoppen, Vincente Wolf, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard all have huge social media followings—because their online presence gives them street cred. Luxury is all about association and attraction. For this reason, you need media coverage and editorials. You need that social media following and a fan-base. 

Keep listening as the ladies talk about how your marketing strategy needs to be taken up a notch and what that could look like—and hear a smashing Edna Mode impression. 

Luxury design is all about design without compromise

Many designers don’t want to choose the luxury niche because they have the misconception that the clientele they’d work with would be arrogant and elitist. But the world of luxury has shifted to be more inclusive and enlightened. The culture is evolving and so must you. 

The new era of luxury are people who desire to live congruently with the way they feel inside—with no compromise. 

Julia has a client that specializes in completely vegan luxury design. It isn’t that the clientele is snobbish, but they have the means to be specific about the customization level they desire. Your goal as a luxury designer is to deliver impeccable quality. Keep the promises you make to your clients—then take things up a notch

Julia covers the biggest obstacle luxury designers struggle with, if the middle-tier still exists, and SO much more—so listen to the whole episode for all the juicy details!

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