How to Market Your Home Staging Business with Marianne Cherico

Episode #032 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Marianne Cherico has owned and operated a home staging company in New England for more than 20 years. She’s also a professional development coach who has helped countless entrepreneurs level up their businesses. She is also a bona fide ginger, making this week’s episode a little dangerous for Darla as she faces two soulless gingers for the first time.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:25] There’s a breakout of gingervitis
  • [6:45] Sorry/not sorry about the whole gingervitis thing
  • [7:34] Marianne’s ideal client
  • [9:11] Target market for stagers
  • [14:22] How to connect with potential clients
  • [18:24] Tapping into someone’s emotions without being mushy
  • [25:14] Is consulting a sustainable business model?
  • [26:57] What should you do if you want to sprinkle this into your design business?
  • [33:45] Get coffee!
  • [37:06] How to work with homeowners
  • [40:40] Whut up, Wingnut?

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Become a listing agent’s best friend

Marianne tells us that for home stagers, the target market is a little bit different than for interior designers. You want to be marketing yourself to real estate agents, who are the gateway to sellers looking to stage their homes. And even more than that, you want to be front-of-mind for listing agents, who work with the sellers to get their houses ready.

Marianne recommends working with listing agents to be included in their marketing plans. If they include a consult from you in their marketing plans, then you have a direct pipeline to the clients they’re working with. And it’s beneficial to the listing agents, too, who are able to separate themselves from their competitors by including you in their marketing proposals.

Tap into your potential client’s emotions (but don’t get sappy)

When it comes to Marianne’s marketing, she’s very good at tapping into the emotions of her potential clients. Now that doesn’t mean getting all mushy with them, but rather understanding their needs and how you can solve them. So it could be just a matter of understanding that listing agents fear a lack of listings, and so your services can help attract more clients

Another great example of how Marianne uses her marketing to tap into the emotions of her clients is to understand where they are in their career. If they’re agents who have been in the business for more than 10 years, then maybe they’re interested in branding as an authority. You can help with that. Maybe they suffer from a little bit of FOMO (Google it), and if so you can help keep them up to date. Marianne is incredibly savvy with this stuff, and you have to listen to this episode to hear her insights.

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