How to Keep Your Instagram From Getting Hacked: New Instagram Safety Updates | Mini News

Episode #314 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Have you received a suspicious “Giveaway” DM on Instagram, or been followed by an account that may be impersonating someone? On today’s Mini News, Emily walks us through some new account safety features that have been added on Instagram to help users regain access to their accounts if they find themselves locked out or hacked.


Instagram has added some new tools to help users regain access to their accounts if they find themselves locked out or hacked. The new recovery center is at The con is most help options just direct you to the Help Center, which already existed, to help you troubleshoot your issue. In other words, you’re not being put in touch with a real person at Instagram Support. However, the pro is this tool makes the recovery and troubleshooting process much more streamlined. You’re provided quick, easy access to steps you can take depending on your issue.

A great new safety measure Instagram has provided is this: if you find yourself locked out of your account, you can choose two of your Instagram friends to confirm your identity and get back into your account. Instagram is also testing measures to combat impersonation and ways to help prevent hacking before it happens. There have been many instances where people impersonate design businesses and run fake giveaways to get other users’ info or hack their accounts. Instagram is testing a feature that sends warnings if an account that is suspected to be an impersonator follows you, or if an account that may be impersonating a business sends you a DM.

How can you keep your Instagram account safe before any of this happens to you? Use a strong, unique password with numbers, letters, and special characters. Don’t use this password for anything else. Change your password regularly, at least once a year. Ideally, you should change your password every few months. Lastly, turn on your two-factor authentication in Settings under Privacy and Security. You’ll get a login code when you sign in on a new device, so it offers a little extra security for your account.


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