How to Get Published in AD Pro—Straight from Editor Katy Olson

Episode #114 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Katy is the Editor for AD Pro, a subscription-only digital resource for design-industry professionals. Previously, she was the Executive Editor at Business of Home. Her work has been featured in People Magazine, New York Magazine, Hamptons Magazine—and much more

AD Pro started out as a section of the Architectural Digest website, the brainchild of the editor-in-chief, Amy Astley. Now, it is a B2B membership for movers and shakers in the design industry to come together and be informed, entertained, and inspired.

Get the inside scoop on what editors look for in a pitch in this engaging episode of the Wingnut Social podcast. 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [3:55] All about Katy Olson
  • [6:20] The target audience of AD Pro
  • [8:50] How does AD Pro benefit Interior Designers?
  • [11:15] How to get published in Architectural Digest
  • [14:20] Invest in professional photography
  • [17:15] Editors look for exclusivity
  • [21:20] Cultivate a relationship with the editor
  • [22:50] Shoot for a sense of timelessness
  • [24:20] What makes Katy say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?
  • [27:20] What up Wingnut! Round
  • [30:40] Connect with Katy Olson

Connect with Katy Olson

Resources & People Mentioned

What sets you apart and gives you higher odds of being published?

Katy’s #1 recommendation is to cultivate a relationship with the editor(s). If you pitch a project you can ask them to give it to you straight. Do you really have a shot? If they can’t get your project featured, perhaps they can help you brainstorm another angle. Is there a compelling story? Can your project facilitate discussion? Was there something particularly difficult that you overcame? If you have that relationship it opens the door to a conversation versus a yes or no answer. 

Architectural Digest embraces a classic style. Katy recommends doing your research—if AD isn’t a good fit, find a publication that will be. But if AD is your goal, shoot for a sense of timelessness in the piece you submit. Make sure you’re reaching out to the proper editor, but keep in mind they collaborate with their team. If something isn’t a fit for the print version it may be an option online. 

What is the ideal email pitch?

Katy receives 100+ emails a day and can easily pinpoint those that won’t get the time of day. If you want to be considered, don’t send out a mass pitch, misspell her name, or send an email to the wrong editor. 

So what should you do? 

Include whatever makes the process easier. Attach your 4 best high-quality images or a dropbox link to your project. Immediately share the photographer’s contact information (and whether or not the magazine has publishing rights for the images).

Take care of any house-keeping in that initial email—it only has to be a simple paragraph—and what angle they can use for your project. Doing these simple things will help set you apart and increase the likelihood of a resounding YES. 

To hear Katy’s thoughts on photography, exclusivity, and a full run-down of the benefits of an AD Pro membership, listen to the whole episode!

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