How to Get Famous on TikTok [Courtesy of Mrs. Space Cadet]

Episode #181 the Wingnut Social Podcast

How do you get famous on TikTok? Is there some secret sauce or magic trick? Contrary to popular belief, It’s not JUST 12-year-old boys & girls dancing on TikTok. Today’s guest, Erin Azar—AKA Mrs. Space Cadet—is one of the notable non-child users who’s made a name for herself. In this episode of Wingnut Social, she shares how she grew her TikTok channel to reach stardom—and how you can, too. 

Erin Azar is a mother of 3 training for her very first marathon. She downloaded the app because GaryVee said you HAVE to get on TikTok—it’s where the money’s gonna be. She wanted to see what the big deal was and why TikTok was so marketable. Now, she has over 361,000 followers on TikTok.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:01] Today’s guest: Erin Azar AKA Mrs. Space Cadet
  • [4:15] HOW Erin grew her following on TikTok
  • [8:32] The importance of authenticity and relatability
  • [10:03] The story behind the name: Mrs.Space.Cadet
  • [12:58] Hitting a milestone: 100,000 followers
  • [14:24] Video is intimidating: getting comfortable on camera
  • [16:10] Erin’s backup plan if TikTok gets banned
  • [18:08] How much time Erin spends on TikTok
  • [19:12] How can you monetize TikTok?
  • [24:29] How Erin feels about Instagram Reels
  • [26:50] The importance of the “For You” page
  • [27:46] What up Wingnut! Round
  • [32:25] Blooper Reel!

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How Mrs.Space.Cadet took TikTok by storm

When Erin started posting her runs on YouTube she laughed at how funny she looked. She had a lightbulb moment: Why not see if TikTok users thought it was funny, too? The first run video she posted BLEW UP. It got a million views overnight

Erin realized it was a sign that something was missing in the running community. Every running influencer looks a certain way, they run a certain pace, and they post about specific things that aren’t relatable to everyone. Her authenticity and relatability allowed her to create her own niche. After 4 months of posting run videos, she hit 100,000 followers on TikTok.

She was skeptical of TikTok from the beginning because it was so new—but it has stolen her heart. Where did the name Mrs.Space.Cadet come from? How did Erin learn to get comfortable on camera? How much time does she spend recording her videos? Keep listening to find out!

Get famous on TikTok: The importance of the “For You” page

So how do you get famous on TikTok? Erin’s husband, Dan, is always asking her: You’re going to put THAT on TikTok? The answer is always yes. Erin strives to be the exact same person on TikTok that she is in person. It doesn’t matter if she hates her hair, her eyebrows look funny when she talks, or she’s saying something embarrassing or goofy—it’s uniquely her. 

Erin points out that every single video you post WILL land on someone’s “For You” page. If someone likes it, it goes to another person. Everyone gets a fair shake. Facebook and Instagram can’t do that. Erin emphasizes: “If you have good lighting, good sound quality, and your 15-second or one-minute video is engaging, and people want to see the end, you are going to take off on TikTok. It’s that easy.”

Erin gets contacted frequently by affiliates and ambassador programs. But she only agrees to rep things she can’t live without—like Liquid IV and goodr Sunglasses. She does have some brand deals in the works, but they’re still under wraps for now. 

How does Erin feel about Instagram Reels? What else does she think helped her get famous on TikTok? Listen to the whole episode to learn ALL about it! 

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