How to Design Vacation Homes and the Joy in Niching Down Your Business

Episode #417 the Wingnut Social Podcast

One of the best kept secrets in the interior design industry is designing for vacation homes. How do you do it? How do you get into it? What are the benefits? Today’s guests, Melinda Cahill and Suzanne Glavin of North Shore Nest, discuss the ins and outs of vacation home design. Stay tuned!

“We began North Shore Nest in 2004 from our basements in Glenview.  Prior to launching, we were doing design projects on the side for family and friends while we worked our full time careers.  When the market crashed, we made the decision to launch North Shore Nest full time, and we have spent the last seventeen years designing spaces for working professionals and young families along the North Shore.  Our shared passion for great design paired with sensibility allows us to transform interiors into warm, livable spaces that stand the test of time. By taking a fresh updated approach to traditional styling and building rooms with layers, we are able to provide depth and individuality allowing our clients to live beautifully everyday. We are based in Glenview Illinois, serving the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs, as well as the Lake Geneva Wisconsin area. We are also currently working on new construction design projects in Scottsdale Arizona and Naples Florida and enjoy the diversity and learning opportunities offered by working in communities other than our own.”


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