How to Create the Perfect Online Course (with Ariel Schiffer)

Episode #307 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Are you thinking of creating a digital course? Guest Ariel Schiffer is the Founder of Dreampro, the first-choice course creation agency for entrepreneurs and small business owners – and she’s also helping build a Wingnut Social course! Today, we discuss who should create a course, the potential of an online course, what goes into the course creation, common mistakes, and much more.

Ariel Schiffer is the Founder of Dreampro, the first-choice course creation agency for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She has over 10 years of experience working with Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and private companies to develop their professional and leadership development programs. Her agency offers expertise in creating courses and programs with a mission to improve the quality of education and offerings in the online space.


Even as a DIY-er, you can still make a phenomenal course. It’s not about having all the bells and whistles, or crazy video editing. It’s about being extremely clear with potential course members and letting them know what they’ll get out of the course. A good course is designed based on the people who are taking it. When it comes to learning something new, it can be uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone. To make this process easier for your course members, make your course something that really relates to their lifestyle. This will create a stronger connection with your course members as well.

When it comes to figuring out who exactly your course will help, and what it will help them do, get as specific as possible. Unless you have a massive audience or credibility, get as niche as possible in your digital offerings as it will allow you to market yourself even more. Listen to the noise – what are people sick of? What are they begging for? What are people constantly asking about? As much as we don’t like to be in the noise, listen to it! It will ultimately clue you in to what’s trending, and what people are craving right now. Once you figure this out, you’ll be able to offer something really valuable and help your learners overcome something they’re currently struggling with.


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