How to Become an Interior Designer From Home (with Alexis Peters)

Episode #309 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Are you getting burnt out by running a traditional interior design firm? Then check out this show with Alexis Peters – you just might change your business model. Today’s guest is Alexis Peters of “Home Styling by Alexis,” and we discuss the importance of offering virtual services to your clients, as well as the perks to becoming a completely remote interior designer.

Alexis Peters fundamentally believes that every single person on this planet deserves to live beautifully regardless of their income. Beauty & affordable go hand in hand in her book. Alexis’ background as a production designer for feature films is where she learned how to stretch the dollar crazy far and the results were thrilling. Craving to help as many people as she could live beautifully, Alexis started an interior design business specializing in Virtual Design.


Alexis specializes in virtual design. She wanted to build a business where she could travel and be anywhere she wanted, yet still be making money. Coming from a film background, she transitioned into a design career after helping her mom redesign her home over FaceTime during the pandemic. She believes all businesses should offer virtual design to increase their sales. When you go digital, there are no limitations on who you can serve. Alexis started her business by reimagining spaces for locals, but realized she could access a wider clientele by designing via FaceTime or Zoom. This career choice still allows her to help others, but now she can embrace more free time and stay comfortable at home. Alexis describes this as, “I still get to have my life, and be creatively fulfilled and help people.”

Alexis fell in love with design as a child visiting one of her family member’s mansions. She felt so inspired by the gorgeous home that she would return to her house and rearrange furniture, artwork, and more. She learned that the way you arrange furniture in a space can be life-changing. Alexis felt she was able to recreate the magical feelings she felt in the mansion in her own home just by moving furniture around. She was able to create a new, safe, cozy feeling to her space with existing pieces. It inspired her current business in that she believes everyone deserves to live beautifully regardless of their budget.

When it comes to virtual design, you can offer many things: 3-D renderings, floor plans, and much more. No matter what you’re offering, Alexis believes a virtual aspect to your business is crucial. In our current society, more people are craving a virtual option. With virtual offerings, your business becomes more accessible and you expand your clientele.


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