How Outsourcing Renderings Can Save You Money with Kelly Fridline

Episode #054 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Kelly Fridline is an architecturally trained interior designer who specializes in providing 3D-renderings for interior designers and their clients. Kelly partners with interior designers, architects and contractors to help their clients see their vision in all its 3D glory prior to implementation. Kelly is based in Texas but works with designers from all over.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:25] Consultations from Instagram
  • [4:59] How Kelly got her rendering business started
  • [8:48] Laurie’s first business
  • [10:05] How Kelly works long-distance
  • [11:50] When should renderings be used?
  • [15:05] Should you let clients keep drawings?
  • [18:00] When to work with a chief architect
  • [21:10] Renderings for marketing
  • [26:10] Rendering converts
  • [35:00] Whut up, Wingnut?

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How to work with a rendering pro

Kelly obviously doesn’t fly around the country to visit every site for which she’s creating a rendering. So how does she create accurate renderings without being in the room? She says the more information she can get from the designers the better. So that’s room dimensions, product information, etc. She’s actually gotten pretty good at figuring out dimensions off a few bits of information, but the more you can provide the better.

When are renderings a good thing?

In addition to rendering designs in 3D, Kelly provides an extra layer of quality control for designers. So a designer may have a great idea, but once it’s rendered, it may look a little wonky, which allows Kelly to flag that for the designer, or the designer to change it on the fly. It’s also really great for a designer (or client) who’s having a difficult time making up their mind. By creating a 3D rendering, they can see how something would look and make a switch if necessary.

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