How Implementing Surveys Transforms Email Marketing with Rob & Kennedy

Episode #093 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Rob & Kennedy are both in the entertainment industry (one a comedic hypnotist and the other a mind reader!). They sought to find a business to fill their down-time when they were traveling (waiting in airports and lounges) while also solving a problem they faced. ResponseSuite was born. To hear how it benefits everyone—designers included—listen to this episode now!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [3:05] Surveys as a marketing tool
  • [5:00] Rob & Kennedy’s Background
  • [7:05] What is ResponseSuite?
  • [8:50] How should you use a survey
  • [11:25] Create surveys that aren’t boring
  • [15:20] How it serves your clients
  • [19:05] Filtering potential clients by budget
  • [23:25] You need to use an email campaign
  • [26:40] Is it easy to use?
  • [28:25] What up Wingnut round!
  • [31:10] Connect with Rob & Kennedy

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Implementing surveys = a powerful marketing strategy

ResponseSuite is a marketing automation system that allows you to gather data from people who complete a survey. The answers from the survey integrate with your email marketing platform and filter people into different email campaigns. It can be used in multiple ways. 

You can integrate it into your website.

A survey can be used in an email marketing campaign.

ResponseSuite can independently host a survey for you. 

Rob & Kennedy state that it’s easy to use and basically “Darla proof”! If you’re still unsure, they offer a 14-day trial where you can schedule a 20-minute phone call where they walk you through how to create a survey! 

How does this help you serve clients?

Rob & Kennedy point out that there are three things you want to gauge from a potential client: What stage they’re in, their aspirations, and the biggest (design) challenge they face. Answering these questions can help you properly segment potential clients into categories for marketing campaigns. Some of the ways you can segment people include:

  • By hot or cold leads
  • What style of design they like
  • Different budget categories
  • Biggest challenges they’re facing

They state that it would be advantageous to offer a range of budget categories in a survey question—including ranges that are too low for you to work with. Why? You can create different pages for a potential client to land based on their answer(s). 

For example, If the budget is too low, you can offer them a PDF resource, DIY guide, or even referrals to other designers. If they select a budget option that would be a perfect fit for you, they can be directed to a calendar to schedule a conversation with you. It’s genius! It’s an easy let-down for client’s who aren’t a good fit, without an awkward phone call or email.

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