How eDesigners Can Win Prizes (with Jenna Gaidusek) – Bonus

Episode #282 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Do you want to win some prizes with your sick eDesign skills? Jenna Gaidusek (Mydoma/Edesign Tribe) is in the studio today to discuss Mydoma’s Designer Virtual Home Tour Contest. Interior designers can enter for a chance to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes, including a trip to HPMKT Spring 2023! You can enter the contest here.

Jenna is an interior designer that has worked remotely since 2016 in her business Jenna Gaidusek Designs. She is also the founder of the eDesign Tribe community on Facebook as well as eDesign u and the eDesign Platform- recently acquired by Mydoma studio. Jenna is now the director of education and community for Mydoma studio, bringing design professionals together and providing educational tools and resources to help them expand their business in a way that works best for their lifestyle.


What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social:

[0:00] – Jenna Gaidusek is here – again?!

[1:49] – The origin story of eDesign Tribe

[3:39] – Jenna’s one-stop shop for project management, eDesign, and education

[6:23] – Electronic design is becoming the new normal

[8:26] – The Designer Virtual Home Tour Contest (powered by Mydoma)

[11:12] – The benefits of electronic design and visualizers

[11:57] – How to enter the contest for a chance to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes

[12:56] – Free learning opportunities with Mydoma

[14:37] – The What Up Wingnut Round!

[16:03] – Get a free trial with Mydoma and enter the contest


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