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Episode #068 the Wingnut Social Podcast

This episode is a conversation with Jen Obermeier, a professional organizer who has learned how fulfilling and profitable it can be to drill down into a niche that enables you to do the specific kind of work you love, and to work with the exact type of people who fit you. Sound too good to be true? Then you’ll have to listen to this episode to understand how it might work in your business.

AND, as a special bonus, you’ll get to hear from the Jedi Master himself, Yoda. We’re not kidding.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:35] Darla’s Yoda impersonation: REALLY!
  • [7:29] Why organizers are the nerdy little sister of interior designers
  • [10:38] Is niching going to reduce your pipeline?
  • [12:47] Is there such a thing as a niche that’s too small?
  • [14:58] Marketing approaches to help you find your niche client
  • [19:41] A searchable niche is important for finding new clients too
  • [21:03] Show me the money! Is it truly profitable? How does pricing figure in?
  • [25:59] The “What Up Wingnut” Round
  • [29:30] We may have accidentally niched and didn’t know it

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Is an interior design niche something you should consider?

As you consider the possibility of choosing a niche for your design business you likely have quite a few reservations. Among the most important is this: Doesn’t choosing a niche eliminate a lot of potential business from my pipeline?

The answer is: “Yes, it does.” But that can be a GOOD thing. Seriously.

Jen explains that to your potential clients, a niche means “specialization” – it puts you into a class of professionals who are in demand and highly desirable. It’s like becoming the “brain surgeon” of designers in your area, you get the unique jobs, the special situations, or better said – the jobs that require the specialized touch and expertise that ONLY you can give. How does it feel to think about your work THAT way? And what do you think that kind of specialization could do for the prices you’re able to ask for your stellar work?

Once you get clear on your interior design niche and find the clients you love, you’ll get more

Here is one of the most exciting things about choosing a niche for your interior design business. Once you find a client who is your “ideal” and do great work for them, they will be eager to talk about the work you did (because they are so delighted with your work, right?). When they do, who will they be talking to? Other people who are like them.

That’s more ideal clients hearing about your work. More fun projects for you to work on (and they’re fun because they FIT your preferences and skills). More niche clients to work with. And once you’re done with that next project, you have yet another ideal client who is willing to refer you to others – and the cycle continues, and the influence of your niche grows broader. See how it works?

Niche marketing tip: Choose a specialty you’re willing to talk about forever

When you’re considering a niche you want to focus on, make sure it’s an area of interior design that you especially enjoy or are especially good at. When you take the time to do this, you’ll discover tons of energy for your work that overflows into your marketing.

Then, whether it’s print media or social media, you’ll be talking about what you do non stop because it’s fun for you and because you have the enthusiasm about what you do. And THAT attracts clients.

Don’t miss what Jen has to share on this episode. Her insight into the benefits of niche-ing (is that even a word?) go deep and will help you decide if choosing a niche for your interior design business is going to be worthwhile or not.

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