How Brett + Giselle Sugerman Found Phenomenal Success on Instagram

Episode #239 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Brett + Giselle Sugerman are the super-couple behind B&G Design Inc., an award-winning Miami-based interior design firm. They’ve been featured on NBC, CBS, and HGTV—true movers and shakers in the industry. They share their design expertise across multiple social media platforms and have 57,000 followers on Instagram alone. In this episode of Wingnut Social, they share how they’ve found success with their marketing endeavors.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:09] Mini News Sesh: Instagram Favorites
  • [4:14] Learn more about Brett and Giselle Sugerman
  • [8:52] How they learned from their mistakes work-life balance
  • [12:06] Advice for couples going into business together
  • [16:11] Their phenomenal success with Instagram
  • [23:30] Learn more about B&G Unfiltered
  • [26:16] Curated authenticity on social media
  • [33:10] The What Up Wingnut! Round
  • [34:30] How to connect with Brett and Giselle
  • [38:25] Wingnut Social has some openings!
  • [39:31] Blooper Reel!

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How they found phenomenal success with Instagram

Originally, when Brett and Giselle started marketing on social media, it was trial and error to see what worked. Right now, their brand is a lot of people working together to make things happen. They continuously change and evolve depending on what’s happening in the world. What’s helped them a lot? Promoting their posts. They are always tweaking their audience and age groups and analyzing the results. What photos did well? Did before and after slides do well? Did supporting stories or reels help with engagement? 

Giselle emphasizes that it’s important to stay true to who you are and who you are as a brand. People want to know the person and the personality behind the brand. What inspired you? What is your life about? So they build their life into their social media to show their interests. Showing your personality means that more of your ideal clients will connect with and seek you out. Their tactics are obviously working, right? 57,000 people follow them on Instagram alone and that’s no easy feat.

Curated authenticity on social media

Whatever you’re sharing on your social media, make sure it’s descriptive of your life and your business. They post standard before and after photos to show design transformations. Giselle loves styling their home for the holidays and building tablescapes. They also share their high-end luxury designs. Through it all, they intermix content that shows who they are. 

They emphasize that if you’re trying to build a following, you must also tag and give credit to everyone involved in a project. It will open up your audience. There is plenty of business to go around and you can’t be afraid to share your expertise with others. They embrace the mantra “Share the love.” 

Another tip? Be consistent with posting and sharing. Be true to your aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to show who you are as a designer and an individual. Be true to who you are because there truly is an audience for everyone. Try to stand out and be unique because people are looking for different things. People can taste authenticity. 

Giselle and Brett also take a deep-dive into how they’ve found success building a successful business while balancing life as a married couple with a family. Don’t miss this episode!

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