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Episode #077 the Wingnut Social Podcast

What kind of super special stuff is it that you have to do? The good news is that it’s simple stuff. The bad news is that it’s a lot of work. Nobody said this social media marketing thing would be easy. Join Darla and Natalie for this mini-poddy episode of Wingnut Social as they discuss how to get on the Instagram explore page!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:53] The current difficulty of Instagram can be overcome by this hack
  • [2:59] What IS the Instagram Explore page?
  • [6:20] Practical tips to make it happen!

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What the HECK is the Instagram explore page?

If you’re a frequent user of Instagram you’ll be familiar with the little search icon – it looks like a magnifying glass. That’s the doorway to the Instagram explore page. Once you click on it you’re going to see a lot of content that’s been specially curated for you.

The magical algorithms of Instagram choose posts for your explore page uniquely, based on things you’ve liked, pages you’ve followed, the stuff those pages like and share, and more. It’s like a robot looking over your shoulder to keep track of everything you and the pages you like pay attention to on Instagram with one purpose: to serve you up more of the same.

Why is it important for you to get your posts on the Explore page? Because 200 million people visit the explore page every day. That’s a lot of people – and a lot of eyeballs (400 million, give or take a few). And keep in mind, every user’s experience with the explore page will be curated for them – so if you’re showing up there, it means that somewhere along the line they have expressed some kind of interest in the type of things you post. That’s a potential following waiting to be found! Listen to learn how to get on the Instagram explore page!

9 tips to get your content on the Instagram explore page

You might notice that this mini-poddy episode is a bit longer than our normal minisodes. Why? Because Darla and Natalie go into the details of the following 9 hacks you can use to get your posts on the Instagram discover page. You won’t want to miss these…

  1. Create a post that is good! (tips in this episode)
  2. Video does well on the explore page (tips for making them great in the episode)
  3. Post at smart times of day
  4. Your posts need to get engagement quickly
  5. Include a call to action (best practices shared)
  6. Discover and use the best hashtags (how to find and use niche hashtags)
  7. Learn from and copy what the influencers in your niche are doing that is successful
  8. Stories can be leveraged for the Instagram discover page as well (tips on this episode)
  9. Stylized quotes seem to do well (Mel Robbins is killing it with this strategy)

Interested in getting on the Instagram discover page with your content? Listen to hear how to do it.

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