Here’s How to Give Your Boosted Posts a Leg Up

Episode #139 the Wingnut Social Podcast

They’ll interact with your posts and boost your performance—as opposed to a paid audience that will drop off the face of the earth. Shana Heinricy takes the wheel in this minisode to share how to make your boosted posts shine. 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:03] Why should you boost posts?
  • [2:20] What you NEED to know
  • [2:55] Boosting strategy #1
  • [4:19] Boosting strategy #2 
  • [4:49] Use Facebook Ads Manager
  • [8:20] What applies to Pinterest?
  • [9:20] What you should budget

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Two posting strategies to consider

When it comes to boosted posts on Facebook (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) there is one thing that is especially important to note: the algorithm is still a factor. You are NOT buying impressions. Who sees your boosted post still depends on the performance of the post itself. That means you still need to craft an engaging post—something your audience wants to interact with. Here are the two strategies: 

  • Strategy #1: Wait 3-5 days after you post content and any post that has high engagement is what you boost. Doing this will increase the performance of a boosted post. The only downside is these posts are typically geared towards your followers while an ad targets a broader audience.
  • Strategy #2: Create a post specifically to be boosted. Build the ad around your best work or make it an introduction. Make it fun and engaging for your current audience and your target audience. 

Decide which strategy will work best for your business—and the time you have—and give one of them a shot. 

Targeting 101 for boosted posts

Shana recommends a simple but important strategy—use Facebook Ads Manager for targeting audiences. You can do it straight from the FB or Instagram apps, but you have fewer options available to you. For example, you can target a specific income bracket through ads manager, but you can’t in-app.

Shana also recommends using the least amount of targeting possible that will work for you. If you’re targeting a specific income bracket, you likely won’t need to choose a specific age group. Every simplification you can make leads to a broader audience for your boosted posts. 

Listen to this minisode to hear what Shana’s recommendations are for boosting Pinterest pins AND what you should budget for marketing and boosted posts. HINT: you can do a lot more than you think with a small budget. 

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