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Episode #169 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Now, Facebook is implementing a NEW feature into Messenger Rooms: The ability to go Live. This gives designers diverse alternatives and makes it more possible for large audiences (up to 50 people) to tune in and watch group video calls in real-time

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:16] NEW: Facebook Messenger Room Livestream
  • [2:23] How do you go Live from Messenger Rooms?
  • [2:57] How is this different from a normal Live?
  • [5:16] What this feature means for designers
  • [6:22] What Facebook has up its sleeves
  • [8:38] Darla’s solo Blooper Reel!

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Going Live in Messenger Rooms

You can create a room from Facebook or Messenger Web and invite anyone to join—even if they don’t have a Facebook account. Viewers can join from their computer, phone, or tablet. You can broadcast that you’re going live to a profile, page, or group. 

You have control over where the room is shared, who can see it, and who can join. You can even add or remove participants from the room or as Darla put it—“Be your own bouncer.” How is this different from a normal Live? Can Facebook access the audio or video? Listen to find out!

What the Live feature in FB Messenger Rooms means for designers

If you can go Live with groups up to 50 in messenger rooms—for free—hello! That means designers can create webinars, host events with multiple guests or panels, share presentations, or launch courses right through Messenger Rooms. You can control who’s invited and who can see the Live.

It can be a way to create a weekly or monthly VIP group for followers. They can participate, ask questions, and interact with you “face-to-face.” It’s great for networking. It can help you gain traction before moving on to paid platforms or before announcing a paid webinar.

Facebook is building a serious connective infrastructure to help YOU build your empire. Give it a go, invite some people, see how it works out. What else does Facebook have up its sleeves? Find out by listening to the whole Monday Marketing Minisode! 

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