Facebook Partner Monetization for Designers

Episode #175 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Facebook is launching partner monetization for events in 20+ countries around the globe. What does that mean? Facebook will allow businesses and creators to charge on Facebook for access to live events. Boom. 

But what does that mean for designers? What hoops do you have to jump through? Does Facebook get a cut of the income? Darla and Natalie answer these questions—and much, much more—in this week’s Monday Marketing Minisode. Don’t miss it

Bonus Features: How to treat Gingervitis. 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:37] PSA: How to treat Gingervitis
  • [2:00] Why you should hand Facebook tax information
  • [2:42] What the event setup process looks like
  • [4:02] Facebook partner monetization policies
  • [5:11] But wait—there’s a catch (thanks to Apple)
  • [6:23] Why designers should take advantage 
  • [7:40] How to find out if you’re eligible for monetization 
  • [9:29] Blooper Reel!

Resources & People Mentioned

Facebook Partner Monetization: 100% of the proceeds go to YOU

Facebook is now offering a paid online events option as their way of providing small business owners another way to bring in income during the Coronavirus Pandemic. But there’s just ONE catch…

While Facebook is allowing small business owners to keep 100% of the money they make, Apple isn’t giving up their cut. There will be a 30% Apple Store tax if an attendee signs up through an app purchased in the Apple Store or on IOS platforms. 

The only way to avoid paying that tax is for attendees to sign up via the web or on an Android device. Darla predicts that the 100% of proceeds going to small businesses will only last through the Coronavirus pandemic—so take advantage of it now

WHY designers should give it a try 

Other than getting to keep 100%* of the profit, what are the benefits? Page owners can create an online event, set the price, promote the event, collect the payment, AND host the event—all on Facebook. You can also promote your paid online event through event ads or boosting on your FB page.

Through the testing phase, small businesses are hosting: expert talks, trivia events, podcasts, cooking classes, meet and greets, and even fitness classes. Designers can throw up their own mini webinar—and keep 100% of the revenue. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your reach and diversify your income stream!

How do you find out if you’re eligible? How do you set it up? What hoops do you have to jump through? Listen to find out!

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