Facebook or Instagram: What’s Better for Interior Designers

Episode #049 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Facebook just isn’t what it used to be when it comes to organic traffic. But there are still ways you can make it valuable for your interior design business. The first is to create a group. If you can start a group and get users into your group and sharing ideas and asking questions, then you can really engage them and boost your organic reach. The links you’re able to put into your Facebook posts are also pretty valuable, whereas Instagram really limits the ways you can bring traffic off their platform to yours.

However, for Darla and Natalie’s money, Instagram is where it’s at. If you only have the time for one platform, it should be Instagram. Instagram is a more visual medium, it allows you to really boost your presence and, most importantly, Instagram is where the clients you want are. Darla and Natalie break down the numbers when it comes to Instagram users, and the numbers may surprise you.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:10] Join Instagram and Natalie will take you fishing
  • [3:00] Making Facebook work for you
  • [5:06] Nurture your Facebook group
  • [5:35] Links make FB pretty valuable
  • [7:09] Facebook and clients
  • [8:23] Treating Instagram as a mini-portfolio
  • [11:00] Landing clients through Instagram
  • [13:04] Platform v platform in terms of clients

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