Facebook Community Groups: An Innovative Way to Market Your Interior Design Business with Natasa Jones

Episode #120 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Natasa is an interior designer based in Milwaukee, WI. She owns a full-service interior design studio with the goal of a liveable modern aesthetic. She stumbled upon an ingenious strategy while looking to grow her reach. She shares this unique strategy that’s gotten her 10 leads in two months. Don’t miss this episode!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [2:35] Upcoming events in March!
  • [6:08] How Natasa and Darla met in real life
  • [7:37] Facebook organic reach is dwindling
  • [9:23] How did Natasa come across this idea?
  • [13:59] WOW client’s with the idea of what could be
  • [16:20] How to get into Facebook Community Pages
  • [18:18] Do you need to live in the community?
  • [20:25] Criteria to look for in a group
  • [23:33] Are there any downsides of FB groups?
  • [26:32] Does Natasa charge for the initial consultation?
  • [30:22] Natasa is raking in leads with this strategy
  • [31:15] The What Up Wingnut! Round
  • [33:25] Connect with Natasa Jones
  • [36:33] Blooper Reel!

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How Natasa stumbled into Facebook Community Groups

Natasa landed one of her largest projects to date because she invested extra time in showing a client what their home could look like if she went over budget. She did a 3D render of the space with new flooring and windows (on top of the requested furniture). The client was thrilled with the design and agreed to the proposed changes. After completion of the project, Natasa had the work professionally photographed.

The photographer she had used asked her if they could share the work in a local Facebook community group. They’d introduce her as a new business in the area and share before and after images showcasing her work. Natasa happily agreed—and was astoundedby the results. Her email BLEW UP. The post in the group got in front of the right eyes and she received inquiry after inquiry. 

How to gain traction in Facebook Community Pages

Community pages are separate entities from personal and business pages. It’s where a unique community comes together to discuss things that only pertain to them. Natasa describes it as a more intimate setting where people talk about important issues. When asked if it’s difficult to get approved to join the groups, Natasa semi-jokingly stated “It’s the Midwest, we love everybody”. 

After the success of her first post in a group, she started asking clients if they would be willing to post in their respective communities Facebook group. She would provide professional photos for them to share. Doing so gave her an “in” without seeming like she was selling herself and her services.

It also allowed the homeowners the opportunity to brag on the beautiful new interior transformed by a brilliant designer—a win-win for everyone! In the two months since Natasa began testing this marketing method, she’s gotten 7-10 inquiries from each post. Of those inquiries, she’s scheduled 8 consultations and so far has signed with 4 new clients. 

Listen to the whole episode as Natasa shares how she researches groups, potential downsides of posting in them, and—hotly contested in the design community—whether or not she charges for her initial design consultation. You’ll also get the background story on the High Point Pillow Fight highlighted below!

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