Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Creator Accounts

Episode #043 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Instagram Creator Accounts for Designers

Instagram’s director of product development Ashley Yuki recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about creator accounts, and here’s what you’ll get: flexible profile controls, simplified messaging and more growth tools. And what does more growth tools mean? You’ll get a studio dashboard where you can see all of your analytics on all of your posts. You can see what time your followers are on the app. And you can also see follow and unfollow statistics for the very first time on Instagram.

There are a ton of other features, like better management of your direct messages (so long, creeps!) and the ability to sell straight from your profile. Darla and Natalie dissect the pros and cons of creator vs. business accounts and the good news is you can now try it for yourself.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:30] What is a minisode?
  • [3:30] Creator accounts provide direct shopping links
  • [4:05] Who gets a creator account?
  • [4:30] New Instagram growth tools
  • [5:30] Creeps all up in your DMs!
  • [6:44] What’s in the flexible profile settings
  • [7:20] The potential downside of a creator account
  • [7:45] How to switch to a creator account
  • [8:45] Is it worth it?

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