Differentiate Yourself: Amanda Berlin Says to Tell Your Story

Episode #190 the Wingnut Social Podcast

“There is something valuable about who you are and what you do. It warrants being told. It warrants being unearthed and it deserves to be out there…Your story may be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison.” — Amanda Berlin

Do you know how to differentiate yourself in the design niche? How do you stand out from the crowd? According to Amanda Berlin, you have to connect with your clients. She believes that connection begins with telling your story. In this episode of Wingnut Social, Amanda shares tips, tricks, and tools to implement to differentiate yourself and tell your unique story.

Amanda is a visibility and business consultant for entrepreneurs. She is also the host of the Empowered Publicity Podcast, which arms soul-powered business owners with the ideas and skillsets they need to become recognizable and trusted experts. 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:19] All about Amanda Berlin
  • [2:56] LuAnn Nigara’s upcoming book
  • [4:16] How important is it to differentiate your brand? 
  • [8:25] How to share your story authentically
  • [10:43] WHY can’t you craft a compelling narrative?
  • [13:47] How to connect with your audience
  • [17:52] What if you’re afraid to be visible?
  • [20:30] Finding tactics to bring in dollars
  • [29:00] What up Wingnut! Round
  • [35:02] Blooper Reel!

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Being unique means telling your story

Amanda believes that one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself is to lean into your story. You’re the only person who has done what you have done and had the experiences you’ve had that led you to where you are today. Your story will resonate with the right clients if you use it appropriately. 

No one will see the world the way you do. Your upbringing, relationships, experiences, etc. inspire your life and how you view the world. They are relevant to the people who will be the best fit to work with you.

When you’re developing your brand story, you don’t share things you haven’t processed yet. You want the energy of your story to be clean, inspiring, and connective. This is a carefully curated version of your story that doesn’t white-wash everything but DOES present a version of your story that’s relevant. 

WHY can’t you craft a compelling narrative? Why are you hitting roadblocks? Listen to hear Amanda’s thoughts! 

Amanda’s three circles of visibility

Amanda teaches a strategy that uses three circles of visibility. But before you focus on the three circles, you need to determine what your goals are. It’s challenging to put yourself out there if you don’t know what result you’re going for. So you need to nail down what you want to get out of this. It drives your tactics. So what are Amanda’s three circles?

  1. The innermost circle represents collaborations and alliances: your strategic partners who will refer clients or become clients themselves. They generate word of mouth for your business. When people feel connected to you, they invest in working with you.
  2. The middle circle is speaking and events: conferences, virtual presentations, speaking to associations, etc. You are creating your own stage. 
  3. The outermost circle is media: The traditional media relations such as getting featured in a magazine, interviewed on tv, or speaking on a podcast. 

As you move away from the innermost circle the connection to the audience becomes looser. But which circle you choose to leverage depends on your individual goals. Amanda also points out that you must find visibility tactics that resonate with you—but also embrace things that challenge you. 

What if you’re afraid to be visible? Which tactics can bring in more clients? When do you hire a publicist or a coach? How are relationships so important to growing your business? Amanda shares her thoughts on ALL of these questions and so much more. Don’t miss this episode! 

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