Crappy Copywriting: How to Be More Marketable with Gregory Anne Cox

Episode #222 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Are you struggling to market yourself? Does the copywriting on your website leave something to be desired? Are you ready for a career change but struggling with self-doubt? In this episode of Wingnut Social, you’ll get a special two-part episode with Gregory Anne Cox—both coach and copywriter—covering how to be more marketable and how to overcome self-doubt. Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [0:45] check out Desi Creswell’s “Out of Overwhelm” program
  • [2:30] Learn more about Gregory Anne Cox
  • [4:40] How to crush your inner doubt
  • [9:40] Crappy copywriting: How to Be More Marketable
  • [16:25] Turning crappy copy around (no names named)
  • [24:13] Gregory’s last bit of copywriting wisdom
  • [25:11] The What Up Wingnut! Round
  • [28:42] Check out Wingnut Premium
  • [30:19] Blooper reel!

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How to crush your inner doubt—at any age

Gregory believes that you get to decide to be relevant or not. There’s a lot of space in culture for new conversations—like how to start a business at any age. Where you place your focus is the path that you’ll take. Gregory chooses to help her listeners find their inner rebel to stand up for whatever they want to at whatever age. What if you’re struggling with inner doubt? Gregory suggests you go back to a time in your life where you’ve felt that way before. You’ve made it to today, haven’t you? 

Gregory always wanted to go back to school and complete her degree in Psychology. She had been a chef for 30 years and suddenly she couldn’t cook anymore. She couldn’t go back to school, so she found life coaching. It allowed her to use the same type of skills to help people transform their mindset. She loves the mantra, “Where your attention goes your energy flows.”

Look at what you might want to do. How will it make you feel if you don’t do that? Or at least try it? You only have so much mental energy every day. What do you want to put that energy toward? 

Crappy Copywriting: How to Be More Marketable

What do you do for your clients? Is that portrayed in your copywriting? Gregory notes that copywriting is less about your capability as a writer and more about finding out what your client wants and what you do for them. Then you put words on paper that express that and helps you stand out. You have to differentiate yourself and speak to your ideal client. 

Gregory sees the “I” problem a lot. People’s copy reads like it’s all about them: “Welcome to my website. I am a coach, I welcome you to my website.” You only have so much real estate on a website—don’t waste it. You want to drop people into their problem as soon as you can. Don’t fill up the page with features, descriptions, benefits, etc. But you need to speak to the prehistoric reptilian brain in someone’s head. 

Secondly, she recommends you use fewer, more powerful words. Tell a story. You need to bring yourself into the picture—and not try and please everyone. The people that are your people want to see your quirkiness because they have it in them. Darla didn’t find success with her interior design firm until she fully embraced who she was.

How does Gregory turn crappy copy around? Why does Gregory ask clients about their favorite jelly bean? How does she make a boring process fun? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

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