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Episode #292 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Can I Add a Voiceover to My YouTube Shorts?

Has YouTube finally caught up to TikTok and Instagram? Find out in this video! Darla is joined by Gavin, an SEO Manager at Wingnut Social, to discuss 3 interesting updates from Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The battle of the social platforms rages on!


Can I Add a Voiceover to My YouTube Shorts?

⭐️Twitter is trying to compete with Instagram and YouTube with the launch of a “view count.” Not as many people “like” things on Twitter, and currently the app doesn’t seem that influential from a numbers standpoint. However, this new feature will demonstrate how much reach your posts actually garner. These metrics will ideally attract more people to the platform.

⭐️Instagram has launched a creator media kit. This is a push to attract more creators to the platform. They’re testing this creator media kit for influencers, as it can streamline brand partnerships. It’s called a “creator profile” and it facilitates in-app profile sharing, promotion, and cuts out the middleman while simultaneously encouraging users to continue creating on the Instagram platform rather than transitioning to something like TikTok.

⭐️YouTube has finally added VoiceOver capabilities for Shorts! So many other platforms have had this feature forever, and YouTube has finally gotten on board. It’s been a long time coming, especially since YouTube was the first big video platform. Now you can narrate what happens in your Shorts on YouTube. This is great for interior designers because you can add your voice onto walkthroughs or other projects. Shorts are super impactful for getting new subscribers to your channel, or even for being found in a Google search.

⭐️How do these updates impact interior designers?

It’s imperative for thought leaders in any space, but especially in the design space, to have a firm grip on the attention of the culture today. We should be aware of these impending market shifts, anticipate where the attention is going with respect to social channels, and get there before anyone else and be prepared with content and value ready to provide to your audience.


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