Break Out of Your Comfort Zone for Success

Episode #268 the Wingnut Social Podcast

David Wood coaches high-performing business owners to double revenue—and their time off—by focusing less and being 30% more courageous in their business or career. Achieving more success sometimes means you have to break out of your comfort zone. David shares some tangible ways you can do that in this episode of Wingnut Social. Are you ready to “Get out there, get uncomfortable, and be great?”

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:41] Wingnut Academy & Wingnut Webinar Announcements
  • [2:33] Mini News Sesh: Google’s Core Search Update
  • [5:38] Learn more about David Wood
  • [8:32] How David took a leap of faith and became an actor
  • [12:52] Reaching your goals takes focus and discipline
  • [20:56] How to be “30% more courageous”
  • [27:33] How do you balance being sensible AND daring?
  • [30:13] David’s journey towards personal growth through acting
  • [32:33] The What Up Wingnut Round!
  • [33:21] Learn more about the Mouse in the Room mission
  • [39:00] Blooper Reel!

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Resources & People Mentioned

Why you need to identify your “mouse in the room”

David is releasing a book called “Mouse in the Room” (because the elephant isn’t usually alone). It’s all about addressing the little animals in the room (i.e. fears) you may not normally share with someone.

When you reveal your fear and connect yourself to it, it can help you overcome it. Once you get clarity on what you’re afraid of, you can choose to tell the other person/people. It makes a decision or action far less scary.

David has always been drawn to performance—improv, standup comedy, motivational speaking, music, etc. But he was hesitant about acting. But 8 months ago, he realized he wanted to move to LA, get training, get an agent, and audition. He had never told anyone about the desire. But he “named the mouse” and shared the desire with someone.

Naming the mouse gave him energy. And the friend he’d shared with called him a week later and asked him to join her to audition for a professional production of a play. So he did. He got cast as the lead. Now he can say he’s a working professional actor. He’s still a coach and a trainer—and he’s also following his dreams.

David shares a powerful thought: “Just because you see someone do something that seems courageous doesn’t mean that they’re fearless. But they’re willing to have that fear and work through it.” How can you go for it and honor yourself so you don’t say, “I wish” on your deathbed? It takes courage to give your all and live your life.

Reaching your goals takes focus and discipline

Entrepreneurs see all of the possibilities. But they can only spread themselves so far. You add in social media, text messages, phone calls—it’s no wonder that most people are dealing with stress and anxiety. It slows down your goals.

Sometimes you need someone else to help you say “stop.” By focusing on less, you can produce more. It’s possible to get twice as much of the personal stuff done in half the time you’re spending now. How?

The answer is discipline. What matters to you over the next twelve months? What are the three business goals and the three life goals that matter to you that will have you celebrating 12 months from now? When you achieve one of these goals, return to your full list of goals and add a “Bonus goal” into the mix. This is only for people who want to be extraordinary.

How can you be “30% more courageous?” How do you balance being sensible AND daring? Listen to hear David’s thoughts!

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