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Are you a female founder who’s tired of the hustle mentality? Do you feel like your mental burden is becoming too much to carry? Or maybe you’re a visionary dreamer stuck in the role of CEO? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Casey Gromer shares how you can step away from being the “boss” and still be a passionate and purposeful leader of your business.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:49] I just bought a new house!
  • [3:49] Mini News Sesh: How Instagram search works
  • [9:21] Learn all about Casey Gromer
  • [11:29] What you’re doing wrong with vision statements
  • [19:15] Outdated leadership structures don’t work for women
  • [24:30] Check out Build Lane for custom furniture!
  • [25:57] Learn more about the Wingnut Social Marketing Agency
  • [32:12] The difference between being a CEO and a visionary leader
  • [37:17] The steps to take to move out of day-to-day operations
  • [39:48] The What Up Wingnut Round!
  • [42:40] How to learn more about Casey Gromer
  • [47:07] Blooper Reel!

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Toss out outdated leadership structures that don’t work for women

When Casey left the corporate world and went out on her own, she realized the advice that women are getting didn’t work. Why? The hustle mentality. As a woman and mom, you’re likely raising kids, taking care of your home, and working full-time. Women need a flexible structure for their work and life. But that often isn’t the case, so women carry a large mental load. Corporate environments put work first and leave everything else to come second. That mentality doesn’t fly for most women—it can’t.

Casey emphasizes that “We’ve created a society where if we’re not hustling, we’re not worthy of making the money.” Women hustle just as much as men—but not all 120 hours of hustle are dedicated to the business. Yet women feel they don’t deserve to get paid when all of their time and energy isn’t focused on hustling. That needs to change.

It’s a new concept that you can build a business where you can step away and have other people run it and take ownership. As long as you’re working with a team toward the same vision, it doesn’t matter if you’re the one doing all the things. You’re still the owner of the business.

The difference between being a CEO and a visionary leader

Your typical CEO is someone who is a leader, a planner, an executor, well-organized, and knows what’s happening in the business at all times. They get stuff done. That’s where Casey feels her sweet spot is. But a visionary leader is an idea person. They have 100 ideas a day, hate being tied to a desk, don’t like being responsible for people, etc. These are the people that start amazing companies and get burned out.

The CEO doesn’t generate ideas so their business tends to stay stagnant. They don’t get to dream about tomorrow. That’s why you have to partner with visionary-style leaders and allow them to dream. Casey partners with visionaries so they can dream and she can plan and execute.

If you’re a female founder who’s ready to step back from the day-to-day and leave behind the hustle mentality, Casey has some tips for you. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What are the major functions that keep your business running?
  • What’s involved in each function?
  • What are you good at and what should be delegated?

But even before you do this, Casey implores you to get an assistant that can make sure your ideas have a place to go who works to keep you organized and focused.

To hear a full discussion about crafting a vision statement for your company that actually works, listen to the whole episode!

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