How You Attract Luxury Design Clients

How do you attract luxury design clients? HINT: It doesn’t require being pretentious. It has everything to do with offering irreplaceable value. What can you bring to a project that a client can’t find anywhere else? It’s about providing a luxury experience coupled with what’s uniquely you. In this episode of Wingnut Socal, Melissa Sacco shares what she offers to attract luxury design clients that no one else can. She’ll help you think through what makes you irreplaceable.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [4:43] Mini News Sesh: TikTok has stories!
  • [9:05] Learn all about Melissa Sacco
  • [11:41] Melissa’s business model
  • [18:37] How Melissa handles scope creep
  • [21:40] The key to attracting luxury design clients
  • [29:51] Specializing in high-end custom furniture
  • [33:36] What a discovery call with Melissa looks like
  • [35:05] Growing a business and delegating
  • [38:36] The What Up Wingnut Round!
  • [40:19] How to connect with Melissa Sacco
  • [44:29] Blooper Reel!

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Working with luxury design clients

From the first meeting, Melissa educates her clients about the design process and what makes her uniquely qualified to tackle their projects. Sacco Interiors focus on creating an elegance that’s never pretentious. Everything in your home will be cohesive—full of texture, dimension, and detail.

When you offer high-end luxury design, you must always be ahead of the game. There are endless moving parts and decisions to be made. It involves working out details and kinks to get a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve. Interior designers bring value by being knowledgeable in all of the trades. You provide scaled drawings, elevations, specification sheets, paint schedules, complete on-site visits, and much more.

Melissa gets to know her clients before she gets started with the design process. Her goal is for the client to be comfortable with her so she can nail their design. She’ll share images, ask deeper questions, and look at functionality—all with the goal to stay laser-focused throughout the project. Because once they start, they drive full force ahead. The only way that happens is if everyone is on the same page.

How Melissa attracts luxury design clients

Melissa believes to attract the right people, you have to share who you are. Melissa’s ideal client is someone who’s worked hard to get where they are. They are down-to-earth and genuine people—just like her. That’s why these clients want their homes to be comfortable. Most have demanding jobs. They want to come home, walk through their front door, and feel at ease.

So Melissa shares inspirational quotes. She gives potential clients a glimpse behind the scenes. Lastly, she focuses on just being herself. If she’s on a job site doing an install, she’s in sneakers and a sweatshirt. She’s on the floor opening boxes, putting things together, and getting her hands dirty. She does whatever it takes to ensure a client’s project is amazing in the end.

Don’t be fooled—high-end luxury clients are on social media. They’re people, just like anyone else. They’re professionals—doctors, lawyers, and CEOs of large companies. They talk. They network. They will share what you’ve done with other people.

Melissa’s irreplaceable customer furniture sets her apart

If you become one of Melissa’s clients, you will see custom built-ins and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that no one else will have. Why? Because she designs them herself, each piece different from the last. No one will ever have the same chair or built-in. Melissa’s custom pieces have positively impacted her bottom line. It differentiates her from other high-end interior designers and works to continually attract her ideal client.

How did Melissa start offering custom furniture? What has she done to delegate tasks and projects as she’s grown her business? Listen to the whole episode to hear her process.

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