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Are you an interior designer just clamoring to work with the rich and famous? Do you want to be the designer to the stars? If you’re ready to work with affluent clients, Melissa Galt is the business coach to turn to. She loves the business of design more than design itself, which is why coaching is 95% of her business. She helps designers learn how to earn more in less time—and love their businesses a whole lot more in the process. In this episode of Wingnut Social, she shares the unique strategy she uses to attract her ideal clients (HINT: It’s all about doing what you love). 

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:23] Check out our FREE photography webinar
  • [3:27] Mini News Sesh: Pinterest’s augmented reality feature
  • [6:15] Learn more about Melissa Galt
  • [9:02] The top three personas of affluent clients
  • [17:32] The key to attracting affluent clients
  • [20:18] How to determine a persona’s value system
  • [23:55] What these clients look for when hiring a designer
  • [25:52] How to work smarter, not harder
  • [29:19] Hooking affluent clients on social media
  • [35:25] The What Up Wingnut! Round
  • [36:40] How to connect with Melissa Galt
  • [40:32] Blooper Reel!

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The top three personas of affluent clients

Most affluent clients aren’t obvious. In many cases, they’re the ones that are earning and saving. They are selective in where they invest their money. Melissa has nailed down five groups of avatars and nine overall personas of affluent clients based on personal experience. What are the three most common she’s come across? 

  1. The “millionaires next door.” These are the clients that are easy to educate on why next-level services are warranted. They are always learning and growing their knowledge base. They are grounded, down to earth, and make the best choices for themselves. They are the perfect clients to have because they’re loyal. 
  2. The “got rich quick.” These are the fast spenders. They’re often star athletes, musicians, startup entrepreneurs, etc. They tend to select things that are flashy and lower-quality. Melissa’s tip? Make sure they pay you upfront. Melissa has had multiple clients who were swindled out of their money. 
  3. The “Sinks and Dinks.” They are either single-income or dual-income families with no kids. Kids are a large investment, right? When you don’t have them, it makes a huge difference. Melissa’s best clients were sinks and dinks. 

You select your clients as much as they select you. Melissa emphasizes that “It doesn’t matter how much money I make if I’m not proud of it.” Rich or not—choose wisely. 

How to work smarter—not harder—to attract your ideal client

You need to be clear on your ICP and only work to attract those clients. The millionaires next door are low-key, private, and confidential. Marketing to them is going to be far different than the fast-spenders who are flashy in everything they do. You have to choose one persona to chase to position yourself correctly in the market. 

Then you need to get clarity on where to meet and connect with your avatar. Who is already serving them that isn’t competing with you? Then you work to build your own circle of influence (or what Melissa likes to call your “Profit Posse”) and connect with these people. Co-market, co-promote, and create opportunities for introductions. 

Another simple strategy? Look at your lifestyle. What do you like to do? What if you took that to the next level? If you love wine-tasting, skip the free tasting and shell out for the $250 dinner with wine pairings. You’re far more likely to rub elbows with affluent clients there. Melissa considers this “net-living” not networking. She states that “Doing what you love at a higher level will deliver the affluent clients that you most want in a very aligned and authentic way.” 

How do you determine a persona’s value systems? What do affluent clients look for when hiring a designer? How do you hook them on social media? Check out the whole episode to learn more!

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