3 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright and Record a Video

Episode #109 the Wingnut Social Podcast

In this minisode of the Wingnut Social podcast, Darla and Natalie aim to help you overcome your fear of being in front of the camera. Learn to shoot a video with confidence. If you’re struggling to hit that record button, this is a can’t-miss episode!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:23] 3 tips to overcome stage fright
  • [2:35] Tip #1: Get over yourself!
  • [5:15] Tip #2: Pretend you’re talking to a friend or family
  • [7:00] Tip #3: Give the viewer something of value

Tip #1: Get over yourself to overcome stage fright

Many Wingnut Social clients are scared to death of shooting a video of themselves. For various reasons—anything from how they look to what to say—they are petrified. Darla points out that you just need to get over yourself

People are obsessed with themselves. They don’t care how you look in a video! The ladies point out that nobody is perfect. Your imperfections are what make you interesting. So embrace them, don’t worry about what other people are thinking about, and record that video!

Tip #2: Pretend you’re talking with a friend or family

83% of social media in 2020 will be leveraged towards video. So it is imperative that you overcome your fear. Another tip: act like you’re talking to a close friend or family member

How do you act when you’re doing a video chat with them? Are you relaxed and comfortable? 

Of course! If you try to channel that feeling, your video will feel natural. You can practice recording to work out the jitters and slow your heart rate down. Then try again!

Tip #3: Give the viewer something of value

Focus on the reason you’re recording a video in the first place. Is it content for Instagram or YouTube? You’re probably offering something of value, such as a how-to video. Or you’re making an announcement. 

Whatever it is, remember that it is all about what you are offering your viewer

They’re likely watching to learn something. They aren’t focused on what you’re wearing or your hairstyle. When you focus on what you’re giving the people on the other side of the video it can ease your anxiety.

For the full low-down on overcoming stage fright and recording video for your interior design business, listen to the whole minisode now!

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