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Episode #300 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Want tips to grow your Instagram account? It’s our 300th episode – woohoo! Today we’re sharing 3 awesome tips on growing your Instagram following. We also have an Instagram contest to celebrate our 300th episode @wingnutsocial – enter to win a FREE 30-minute Instagram audit consultation OR SEO audit consultation.


Go to our Instagram page and check out our 300th episode giveaway. You can enter by liking the post, following our Instagram, and tagging 3 people in the comments. The grand prize is your choice of a mini SEO audit consultation with us, or an Instagram audit consultation with us. That’s a 30 minute consultation with experts at Wingnut Social to go over your Instagram and give you real takeaways and advice on improving your account, what you can do better, and what you’re already doing great. For the SEO audit, or “search engine optimization,” we’ll run a quick audit and sit down with you to review the results. We’ll give you advice on how to gain traffic to your website and much more. It’s a FREE coaching session! Enter the contest today on Instagram @wingnutsocial.

When it comes to growing your Instagram following, we talk a lot about the types of content you’re posting, but we don’t always consider what you have to do once that content goes live. We have 3 great tips for you to help grow your Instagram following! #1: Respond to your comments on your posts. When you receive comments on your posts, don’t just leave them hanging! It’s great you got that initial engagement, but when you respond to the comments, you make the users feel special and heard, which encourages more comments. If possible, try to respond within an hour of receiving a comment. It’s a lot of work, but it’s super important to build that engagement and establish real connections with your followers. Getting ghosted can sometimes hurt your followers, so if you aren’t responding, they may not comment again. Think about a time when you commented on a creator’s post and they actually responded to you – how did that make you feel?

Tip #2: Respond to your DMs too! Don’t just ignore those direct messages that come in. Check them often and see what’s coming in. You might be getting business inquiries that you’re not realizing are coming through! You might get people asking about your services and more. It’s an opportunity to respond and drive them to the next step in your process, whether that be your website contact page, a phone number to call you at, or a link to schedule a call. At the very least, have an automated response on hand with directions to your contact page.

Tip #3: Engage with accounts within your target audience. Engage with accounts that you think your target audience would also be engaging with. The formula here is to like a post, comment something specific on the post (not just “Love it!”), and follow the account. It’s a great way to get that account, and those who follow that account, to view your profile and potentially engage with your content/follow you. But who do you know who to engage with? Look for accounts that relate to your target audience. For example, if you’re a designer in Miami targeting high income families, you should interact with local businesses like high end restaurants and family attractions (not always design accounts). In terms of hashtags, you could try “Miami families,” “Miami living,” “family life,” and more.


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