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SEO for Interior Design Blogging and Websites with Justin Easthall

Everyone knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is important for their company’s web traffic, but it can feel as difficult to parse SEO best practices as it is the tax code, and just as fun. On today’s show, Darla and Natalie break down simple, actionable advice for how interior design companies can improve their SEO without losing their minds, and bust a few myths while they’re at it.


Use rewardStyle to Become an Influencer with Taylor Walker Sinning

You work hard to build a following on social media (and these days, it feels harder than ever to do so), but to what end? What can you do with that social media “influence?” Well, there’s a way to provide a service to your audience and to monetize your social presence with an easy-to-use app that not a lot of people fully understand. After today’s episode, you’ll have a Ph.D. in how to use rewardStyle.


Busting the Biggest Social Media Myths with Scott Ayres

There are a lot of theories out there about what works and what flops on social media. And there are even a few theories that have been tested and then put out as fact, only to have them turn out to be wrong. On today’s episode, we talk about myth busting in social media with the guy who does some serious testing (you can tell by his lab coat).


Why Consumption on Twitter is the New ROI with Madalyn Sklar

Interior designers love to use Facebook and Instagram to highlight their work and connect with potential clients. But for some reason, they view Twitter as the third rail of social media. Today, we’re going to try to change your mind about that with a look at what the new ROI for Twitter is.


How to Make Your Brand Voice More than “Meh,” with Nicole Heymer

Quick: Think of your favorite brand Twitter account, or Instagram, or Super Bowl commercial. What do they have in common? A distinct and memorable brand voice (hello, Old Spice guy). But brand voice is often hard to define, and even more difficult to pin down for your interior design firm. If you find yourself struggling with how to make your voice attractive to clients and consistent across your platforms, then this episode is for you.


Darla Powell is the Principal Designer of Darla Powell Interiors in Miami Florida and is also the Head Wingnut at Wingnut Social. Darla discovered very quickly that her love for interior design was only rivaled by that of her love for the branding, blogging and social media marketing which she discovered by digging in deep when launching her own design firm.

Natalie Grafe is the Chief Financial Wingnut of Wingnut Social. Natalie's background is accounting and finance. Oh! - And fighting fires in Miami, Florida. She adds a fresh perspective to the topic of social media and will be sitting in on the Wingnut Social Podcast - when she's not out on the boat.

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