Case Study: Greenstein Dental



Greenstein Dental came to us with very little marketing for their business in the past.

Their two main goals were to retain their current patients and attract new long-term patients—not one-offs.

They knew that they were different from their competitors (in that they offer premium dental services with a big focus on advanced dental technology and educating their patients). Still, they needed a way to get those values across to their audience and compete with other local dentists in the social space.


To establish Greenstein Dental as a leading premium care dental office, we created a comprehensive strategy for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social Media Optimization

We created and optimized their Facebook Page, Instagram profile, LinkedIn company page and YouTube channel to legitimize their business on these key platforms by adding branding (profile pictures, cover photos, etc.), including keywords for SEO in usernames, bios and descriptions and creating highlights for their Instagram profile that showcase their services, tech, introductions for each of their staff members and office updates.

Greenstein Dental Social Media Case Study Wingnut
Greenstein Dental Social Media Case Study Wingnut Social

Social Media Content

We publish regular feed content to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with a content mix centered around informational and educational content (to showcase their priority for educating their patients), patient testimonials (to share proof of patient satisfaction with potential new patients) and photos/videos of the Greenstein Dental team/office (to show authenticity and personality, connecting with their current patients and emphasizing what makes them unique).

We publish regular Stories to Facebook and Instagram in addition to the feed to reach and engage with their target audience in as many ways as possible. We also created IGTV series and YouTube playlists using videos that the client provided.

Facebook Ads

We create ads and promote organic posts targeting their local audience and alternating between optimizing for engagement and web traffic.

This increased brand awareness locally and increased and engage followers on Instagram and Facebook, which helped them meet their goal of retaining patients and gaining new long-term patients.

YouTube SEO

We search-engine-optimized the many videos that they already had on their YouTube to be more easily found by people searching for local dentists, optimizing local keywords and keywords relating to dental technology and education related to each video. We also optimize any new videos that we publish to their channel.

Greenstein Dental Social Media Case Study Seo


Greenstein Dental’s brand new Instagram account saw massive growth after the first month, with a 2,001% increase in impressions and a 1,082% increase in engagements in the full second month of content. Their existing Facebook Page saw a 198% increase in impressions and an impressive 1,059% increase in engagements in the first three months of Wingnut Social taking the reins on their Page.

Ads proved to be a huge boon to their online growth in increasing their brand awareness and setting them apart from their competitors in the social space. Facebook post link clicks increased 57.1% and Instagram followers increased 90.32% in the first three months of running ads.

Between search engine optimizing old videos on their YouTube channel, publishing new video content with optimized titles and descriptions and promoting their channel across social media, the Greenstein Dental YouTube channel saw a 402% increase in views, 745% increase in watch time and over 1k% increase in subscribers over a one year period.

Which social platforms should you focus on?


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